Jun. 7th, 2013

North American Summer is only two weeks away. 🙂

AND! It’s Friday!

Let’s get going…

» Anatomy of a Logo: Star Wars

“The film, Star Wars, premiered on May 25, 1977. Today, on its 36th anniversary, I’m examining the evolution of the film’s logo.”
Holy cow is he ever.
Blogger Alex Jay takes a look at the many, many, many iterations of what would ultimately become the Star Wars logo.

» Christopher Boffoli: Big Appetites

“Big Appetites is a series of fine art photographs by artist Christopher Boffoli. The series presents tiny, meticulously detailed figures posed in real food environments, referencing both a cultural fascination with tiny things as well as an American enthusiasm for excess, especially in the realm of food.”
There is also a Book which I will more than likely be purchasing soon.
Sent along by Traci T. Great stuff.

» Beautiful Decay: Embroidery That Mummifies Print Journalism

“Lauren DiCioccio uses a simple needle and thread on cotton muslin to mummify and honor an endangered artifact– the printed newspaper.”
Some extraordinarily detailed art here. I like.
Sent in by Rachael LC

» Mushroom Cloud

It’s slowly addictive. Play a few levels and you might feel kind of “meh” about it. But keep going. The payoffs are kind of cool.
Sent along by Ashy.

Bonus Link!

» Stupid Calculations

[sort of self-explanatory]
“Where practical facts get rendered into utterly useless ones.”
I think my favorite one so far is paying the artist in rice. It’s a crazy mathematical extrapolation.

Have a Happy Friday everybody!