Jun. 14th, 2013

Well hello mid-June.

And in case you missed it, it’s Friday!

And so: links!

» Getty Critics

“Every stock image has a problem. We’re here to point them out.”
Kind of funny.
Sent in by James R.

» Haunted Mansion Backstage

A lot of behind the scenes photography of Disney’s Haunted Mansion. Great little site.

» Ichwan Noor: VW Beetle Sphere

“When artist Ichwan Noor chose to put aluminium, polyester, real parts from a VW beetle ’53, and paint, Beetle Sphere 2013 was born.”
These are real parts from a 1953 VW beetle. Crazy.

» Little Wheel

A really well designed, cute, involved little flash game. Definitely challenging. I like.
Sent along by Alison L.

Bonus Link!

» How Many People Are In Space Right Now?

[self explanatory]
Sent along by Howard Y.

Have a very Happy Friday, Friday people.