Jun. 28th, 2013

Welcome to Friday everybody! Great to be back.

Heeeeeeeere we go…

» Thumbs And Ammo

A great little tumblr that replaces the holding of any firearm with a “thumbs up” instead.

» Criterion: Lena Dunham’s Top 10

A sample:
“#3, Broadcast News
No one writes a complex woman like James L. Brooks, and no one embodies her like Holly Hunter.

When we wrapped shooting on This Is 40, Judd Apatow gave me a photo of Brooks directing Hunter that I hung above my desk, and I can hear them drawling and stammering and just being who they are.”

» Filmmaker IQ: Everything You Need to Know About Aspect Ratio

“Aspect ratio is just a number describing the shape of the screen. But that number has a long history.”
It’s a series of lessons, and on paper this doesn’t sound all that interesting, but it is.
There is also a handy video about it.

» Burrito Bison

“Help the Burrito Bison escape the evil candy land by tossing him as far as you can.”
What a kooky little flash game! Very fun. Not yet available for mobile but it sure should be.

Bonus Link!

» Sabine Pearlman: Ammo

“This series of ammunition cross-sections was photographed inside a WWII bunker in Switzerland in October of 2012.”
Kind of fascinating, very precise work.

Have a lovely, lovely Friday, and a fantastic (possibly long) weekend.