Nov. 8th, 2013

Ohhhhhh boy. Friday. You know it.

Buckle up. Let’s go.

» The Atlantic In Focus: Nikon Small World 2013

“Started back in 1974, the contest invites photographers and scientists to submit images of all things visible under a microscope. I was fortunate enough to have been asked to be a judge in this year’s competition, and am happy to finally be able to share some of the winning images with you.”
Amazing. Beautiful.

» Lori Nix: The City

“Since 2005, Lori Nix has been meticulously at work on her series entitled “The City.” Building tiny dioramas in her studio in Brooklyn, she then photographs the intricately detailed constructions with an 8 x 10-inch view camera.”
This is currently showing at Clampart.

» A 15th Century Cathedral Transformed into a Modern Bookstore

“Architects BK. Architecten were tasked with converting this 15th century Dominican church into a modern bookstore with the addition of 700 square meters of shopping space. But there was one major catch: all the historical elements of the 547-year-old building including stained glass windows, pipe organ, ceiling paintings and expansive arches had to remain intact.”

» Helicopter

Click and hold mouse to go up. Release to go down.
It sounds easy, sure…

Bonus Link!

» Does Rob Ford Smoke Crack?

[self explanatory]
See also: Is Rob Ford Still Mayor.

Have a great, great Friday everybody.