Jan. 31st, 2014

Farewell January!

And of course: Welcome back Friday!

To the links!!

» Cardboard Box Office

“Welcome to Cardboard Box Office – our homemade creations of some of your favorite movie scenes built from some of our favorite domestic junk.”
Some really fun recreations here.
Also: that is one patient baby.

» Emotions Of Sound

“How do you feel?”
A pretty neat little web installation. Beautifully designed.

» The Gifys

“The .GIFYS are the first ever awards honoring the animated GIF as a medium, social commentary and art form.”
Vote for your favorite animated gif. Odd, but I like it. Also: this site could suck away copious amounts of your free time. My favorite so far is this one.

» Frantic Sky

I really, really like the interface for this game. Challenging.
Sent in by Joe F.

Bonus Link!

» Sochi 2014: Encyclopedia of Spending

“Learn who cashed in on the most expensive Olympic games ever”
Created by Russian opposition member Alexei Navalny, this website was created to outline the not insignificant corruption that has been going on during the building and planning of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.

Happy freezing Friday everybody.


Jan. 24th, 2014

It is Friday!

I think that’s probably a good thing.

Here we go…


“FΔCEWORLD is a website that allows users to navigate through a 3-dimensional realm of their own personal Facebook history.”
Kind of cool.

» PCE Macplus emulator running Mac OS System 7

This is an emulator – which runs in your web browser – that runs Mac OS7 on a simulated Mac Plus. This is late-80s software. Amazing. (Kind of dull, but amazing.)

» Who Would Play You In The Movie Of Your Life?

A fun little online quiz. My result: Robert Downey Jr. (hm!)
Sent in by Lisa R.

» Continuity

Using arrows and a space bar, you must both solve the puzzle and discover which order the puzzle windows go in. Really challenging. I liked it a lot.

Bonus Link!

» 20 Seriously Strange U.S. Sex Laws

Lives up to its name, for sure.
Sent in by Marina S.

Happy Friday everybody! Hope your weekend is amazing (and warm.)


Jan. 17th, 2014

Here: have a Friday.

… They’re delicious!

» Google60 – Search Mad Men Style

Or, more accurately, in 1960 IBM keypunch style.
Fun (in its way.)

» The Evolution of Fast Food Logos: Top 10 Burger Chains Edition

I find this kind of thing fascinating.

» Chino Otsuka: Imagine Finding Me

“Chino Otsuka uses photography and video to explore the fluid relationship between the memory, time and photography. At age 10 she moved from Japan to the United Kingdom to attend school. Her experience of becoming familiar with a new place, a different language and new customs while she was developing her adolescent identity has profoundly shaped her work in photography, video and writing. Her series Imagine Finding Me consists of double self-portraits, with images of her present self beside her past self in various places she has visited.”
Also see this link for a more detailed description.
Sent in by Lizzy K. Beautiful.

» Evoke

“Explore the surreal mirrored worlds to discovred the 7 hidden differences.”
A “spot the difference” game with a surprisingly ingenious interface.

Bonus Link!

» 14 People Suffering From Same Face In Every Picture Syndrome

[self explanatory]
Sent along by Minh P.

Happy Friday, everybody!


Jan. 10th, 2014


Who’s with me?

» Headlines Against Humanity

“Which headline is real?”
A fun (and somewhat depressing) guessing game.
Sent in by Kate. S.

» The Brick

“The Brick works as a Bluetooth accessory, compatible with iOS and Android phones. This means that it can act for your current phone and place/receive calls from your mobile number.”
This is a new phone that replicates that early-90s Motorola-fuelled styling of original cellphones, but using your current phone, or at least your current phone’s SIM card.
Kind of ridiculous but also kind of cool. Bonus: One charge can last up to three months!

» Source Code in TV and Films

Images of the computer code appearing in TV and films and what they really are.”
I am a nerd, and I find this entertaining.
My favorite one so far: “In the film Europa Report the source code of the ActionScript 3 Color Picker is shown.”

» Chicken Chaser

“The insidious anthropomorphic octopuses have abducted your chickens.”
A fun little shooter.
Suggested by Hayley B. (who is addicted.)

Bonus Link!

» ConferenceCall.biz

“UnMute your line, then join a conference call.”

Have a happy, WARM Friday.


Jan. 3rd, 2014

It’s Friday!

It’s January!

It’s 2014!!

It’s obviously time for your Friday Links! Let’s go!

» Mr. The Hobo Nickels

a.k.a. one Paolo Curcio (“mrthe”). Hobo nickels are artistic reimaginings of old coins by (apparently) talented sculptural artists. Really beautifully done. I think I want one.

» PetaPixel: 100-Year-Old Box of Negatives Discovered by Conservators in Antarctica

“Almost one hundred years after a group of explorers set out across the frozen landscape of Antarctica to set up supply depots for famed explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, a box of 22 never-before-seen exposed but unprocessed negatives taken by the group’s photographer has been unearthed in one of those shacks, preserved in a block of ice.”
Fantastic! And remarkably well preserved.
Sent in by many, many subscribers.

» My Cloud Pal

“On January 1, 2013 my phone escaped me and somehow fell into the hands of a man with a killer mustache. Thanks to Apple and some kinks in the cloud, I receive all of his pictures in my photo stream. Here are his selfies as re-enacted by yours truly.”
I’m a little late to the party with this one, but these are fantastic.

» E7

“There is a huge bomb on this planet directed at earth.”
A really beautiful, simple, challenging platform flash game. Very fun.
Suggested by Tia T.

Bonus Link!

» Swoosh Art

“I live in Milan and this is what I do when I am bored.”
Artist David Bedoni adorns several classic works of art with the Nike swoosh and branding.

Have a happy Friday, and welcome back everybody.