Jan. 17th, 2014

Here: have a Friday.

… They’re delicious!

» Google60 – Search Mad Men Style

Or, more accurately, in 1960 IBM keypunch style.
Fun (in its way.)

» The Evolution of Fast Food Logos: Top 10 Burger Chains Edition

I find this kind of thing fascinating.

» Chino Otsuka: Imagine Finding Me

“Chino Otsuka uses photography and video to explore the fluid relationship between the memory, time and photography. At age 10 she moved from Japan to the United Kingdom to attend school. Her experience of becoming familiar with a new place, a different language and new customs while she was developing her adolescent identity has profoundly shaped her work in photography, video and writing. Her series Imagine Finding Me consists of double self-portraits, with images of her present self beside her past self in various places she has visited.”
Also see this link for a more detailed description.
Sent in by Lizzy K. Beautiful.

» Evoke

“Explore the surreal mirrored worlds to discovred the 7 hidden differences.”
A “spot the difference” game with a surprisingly ingenious interface.

Bonus Link!

» 14 People Suffering From Same Face In Every Picture Syndrome

[self explanatory]
Sent along by Minh P.

Happy Friday, everybody!