Feb. 28th, 2014

….And so we bid farewell to the month of February.

See you later, 2nd month.

And now some links…

» Theremin

A theremin simulator built in HTML5. It really works.

» Easy-Bake Evolution: 50 Years of Cakes, Cookies, and Gender Politics

An interesting look at this historic early childhood baking implement.
Suggested by Lauren M.

» Crystal Head Vodka Forensic Facial Reconstruction

[self explanatory]
That’s kind of cool!

» Twist

“Imagine, a space shooter in the abstract mathematical universe.”
A bit complex but certainly addictive and challenging. I like.

Bonus Link!

» October Jones: Commuter Doodles

Twitter poster October Jones has been sporadically posting doodles of her fellow commuters made on post-it notes. They are hilarious.
She also has her own Tumblr.

Have a happy, lovely Friday, and a beautiful first March weekend.