Mar. 7th, 2014

Ohhhh it’s nearly spring. You can almost feel it.

But today is also Friday! Let’s check out some sites together…

» Jeffrey Stephenson: The DuMont

Jeffrey Stephenson recreates a late-50s console TV set using an iPad mini and Jawbone Jambox bluetooth speaker.
It looks fantastic.

» True Detective Prints by Nigel Evan Dennis

If you’re like me, and are pretty obsessed with this HBO show, you might be interested in some of these iconic, beautiful design prints inspired by that show. They look great. One of them has a map of the entire one-take segment from episode 4. So great.

» Shopped Tattoos

Seattle-based tattoo artist Cheyenne Randall photoshops tattoo art onto vintage celebrity photos. I think the one of Marilyn Monroe is my favorite.

» Dodge Copter

Avoid bombs, collect coins, do it faster.
I find this kind of thing meditative.
Sent in by Sheryl K.

Bonus Link!

» Making Fun: Mission Control Desk

“My older son recently started school and needed his own desk for doing homework. I wanted to make something nicer than a simple tabletop with legs, and realized that I could also build in a bit of fun for when the homework is finished. Both my boys and I still had space travel on our minds from our summer trip to Kennedy Space Center. For this desk project, I decided to go with a NASA theme.”
I have no words. Just an awesome project.

Happy (hopefully warm) Friday everybody.