Apr. 11th, 2014

It! Is finally Friday!

And here! Are some Friday Links!

» World Food Clock

This site shows you how much food has been produced, consumed and (ulp!) wasted for every passing second.
If you dig deeper it also shows breakdowns of agriculture, land usage, greenhouse gases produced, etc.

» Tiii.me

“Calculate your total time spent watching TV shows”
Enter the title of a TV show (e.g. Game of Thrones) and the number of seasons you have watched, and this site will calculate how many days / hours / minutes of your life you have spent watching TV shows.
Makes me wonder if Netflix has some kind of lifetime tally for subscribers too…

» The Guardian: Classic album covers in Google Street View

[self explanatory]
Great idea.
Suggested by Matt G. and Daniel B.

» Please Remain Calm

A challenging little platform game. Lots of shooting and jumping, but then there are also some pressing deadlines. 🙂
Sent along by Ashy T.

Bonus Link!

» Unexpected Portraits Capture Teen Girls When They Aren’t Looking

Photographer Julia Peirone‘s series entitled “More than Violet” captures teenage girls in the awkward pauses they experience mid-sentence.
It’s an odd little set but interesting.

Have a lovely Friday and a warm, wonderful weekend.