Jun. 27th, 2014

Ohhhhh Friday! What did you do *this* time??

Time for the Friday Links!! Let’s goooooo….

» Purple Rain Turns 30: Prince’s Engineer Shares Majestic (And Maddening) Studio Stories

Recording engineer Susan Rogers spills the beans on what it was like to work for one of the most prolific rock songwriters of the 80s at the peak of his career. Just a great, great read.

» FatCatArt

“This is the site about Arrt for art-loving cats. The site is created by Us, Zarathustra the Cat.”
Uhhhhh… Huh!
Some of this is very creative.

» Generate A Random Annoyed Footballer

“Matt McKay is cross because you ruined the finale of Game of Thrones.”
Kind of funny.

» Wrath of Suarez

Bite-happy footballer Luis Suarez can now be played as a complex Pac-Man-inspired videogame.
You’re welcome, America.

Bonus Link!

» Brrrrringggggg

It’s a spring-based door stopper simulation.
And it has live statistics.
Because: science.

Happy Friday everybody. Have a great (possibly long) weekend.


Jun. 20th, 2014

Hey look it’s Friday!

He knows where all the cool stuff is…

Here are your Friday Links!

» Where the F*ck Are All the Guards?! – An Ex-Con Reviews Orange Is the New Black

An actually fascinating (and definitely NSFW) read.
There is a part two and three as well, for you die-hards.
It’s still a great show! 🙂

» No, that’s not a video of a bee rescuing its friend from a spider

Responding to a recently-viral YouTube video, Dave Goulson, the Professor of Biology at University of Sussex outlines exactly what that video is NOT, and educates us about what it is. It’s actually a pretty cool read.

» Popular Mechanics: How Not to Die – 20 Survival Tips You Must Know

Some good, and seemingly obvious tips here. But also great explanations throughout.

» Get Off My Lawn!

A “tower-defense”-style game where you try to prevent pests from infesting your pristine lawn.
Just in time for Summer, amirite?

Bonus Link!

» Smithsonian.com: President Obama is Now the First President to be 3D Scanned and Printed

[self explanatory]
That’s kind of interesting. And historic. And weird.

Happy Friday, y’all!



Jun. 13th, 2014


The Thirteenth!! [orchestra!]

Also: it’s a full moon tonight, for you ultra-superstitious types. So be careful out there.

And now!! The links…

» How to Tell the Difference Between an Open-Carry Patriot and a Deranged Killer

Funny / sad…

» Tetris is 30 Years Old Today (June 6th)

[self explanatory]

» Earth Patterns

A tumblr site featuring striking satellite imagery of our planet.
Curated by Laura Manning.

» Scary Needle Game

You have a needle, and some thread. You have to push the thread through the eye of the needle. Problem is: your hands shake too much.
Sent in by Jenni W.

Bonus Link!

» 50s computer brochures

That’s right: the 50’s! I find it interesting that most of them never even depict the computer, probably because it was so incomprehensible. (Or foreboding. Or both.)

Happy Friday everybody. Have a great weekend.


Jun. 6th, 2014

Happy Friday!

Summer is a measly 15 days away!

Let’s hit the links…

» Washington Post: How Well Can You Spell?

[self explanatory]
An educational survey. How well can you do?

» Historical Maps in Minecraft

“At a recent internal hacking event here, NYPL Labs developer Paul Beaudoin recruited me into an interesting project: transforming one of the library’s 20,000 digitized historical maps into the three-dimensional world of the building game Minecraft.”
The process is not as straightforward as you might think. Fascinating and geeky.

» Kartoni Kartonkicker 2.0

Being a foosball table you can construct out of cardboard.
Which is both insane and kind of cool.

» Cube Crush

A simple little arcade game. Addictive!
Sent in by Daryl M.

Bonus Link!

» Emoji Zone

[self explanatory]… and uh… wow.
Sent in by Megumi S.

Happy Friday again. Hope it’s a good one.