Jun. 20th, 2014

Hey look it’s Friday!

He knows where all the cool stuff is…

Here are your Friday Links!

» Where the F*ck Are All the Guards?! – An Ex-Con Reviews Orange Is the New Black

An actually fascinating (and definitely NSFW) read.
There is a part two and three as well, for you die-hards.
It’s still a great show! 🙂

» No, that’s not a video of a bee rescuing its friend from a spider

Responding to a recently-viral YouTube video, Dave Goulson, the Professor of Biology at University of Sussex outlines exactly what that video is NOT, and educates us about what it is. It’s actually a pretty cool read.

» Popular Mechanics: How Not to Die – 20 Survival Tips You Must Know

Some good, and seemingly obvious tips here. But also great explanations throughout.

» Get Off My Lawn!

A “tower-defense”-style game where you try to prevent pests from infesting your pristine lawn.
Just in time for Summer, amirite?

Bonus Link!

» Smithsonian.com: President Obama is Now the First President to be 3D Scanned and Printed

[self explanatory]
That’s kind of interesting. And historic. And weird.

Happy Friday, y’all!