Aug. 15th, 2014

Welcome back to Friday, and the middle of August!

And now [ominous music]… to the links!

» A Spacecraft For All

An amazing interactive documentary on the launch, abandonment and eventual resuscitation of the ISEE-3 spacecraft, originally launched in 1978.
This kind of blew my mind, that this is possible. Amazing.

» Same Pinup Girl Drawn in 15 Very Different Situations

“As someone who can only draw conclusions, the work of David Jablow is imaginative and humorous. He has an active Flickr Stream with over 30+ illustrations, be sure to check all of them out!”
These are outstanding, and they turn a pinup girl into a series of much stronger female figures. I like very much.

» The 1979 Rockford Files Episode that Inspired The Sopranos

In the late 1970s, David Chase (the eventual creator of The Sopranos) wrote a couple of episodes of The Rockford Files for NBC. Those rwo episodes were a sort of “dry run” for what would eventually become The Sopranos, which Chase would create nearly 20 years later for HBO!

» Quebrix

A pretty challenging little puzzle game. I like!

Bonus Link!

» The Toast: Every Canadian Novel Ever

“#22: It Doesn’t Really Matter, You Can Tell By the Emily Carr Painting on the Cover That This Novel Is Important”
I lol’d!

Have a terrific Friday everybody! See you in a week!