Sept. 19th, 2014

Happy Friday To You!

Ready for some Friday Links?

Alllll righty!

» Shadowing

“As the sun sets and the street lights come on, traces of those who’ve passed under the lights are played throughout the city, re-animating the streets. As you walk under the light, the shadow of the previous visitor walks beside. While you interact or react to the shadow, your movements and actions are recorded, becoming the shadow for the next visitor.”
A great interactive installation art project designed by Playable City and Watershed. Really cool.

» Bartek Elsner: The Paper Stuff

Some really great paper and cardboard art, often placed as street art or installation art in Zurich, Switzerland.
The rest of his site is also worth a look. Great stuff.

» HumanClock TV

For every minute of every hour of every day, a specially selected 1 minute video is played that displays the current time.
A pretty impressive process must have gone in to this.

» Cat With Bow Golf

You control cat’s bow and arrow to propel the arrow (and the cat) to a hole in one.
An extremely tricky game!

Bonus Link!

» Dalton Ghetti: Pencil Lead Sculptures

Originally from Brasil, Mr. Ghetti carves intricate models from the leads of pencils. These are fantastic.

Have a great weekend.