Oct. 31st, 2014

It’s the 31st of October.

That’s Hallowe’en!

Here: play this while you go through today’s Friday Links.

Let’s go!

» Autumn

This is a browser experiment, and most likely requires Chrome to work properly.
But once you do: Holy cow!

» Planet

“What beauty. I saw clouds and their light shadows on the distant dear earth.”
A really stunning HTML5 gallery of high resolution photography from the International Space Station (ISS).

» The Bigger Picture: Famous Album Covers Shown With The Worlds Outside Their Margins

These are fantastic!
Sent along by Jay F.

» The Halloween

A creepy Halloween discovery game. I liked it!

Bonus Link!

» Windows 93

A clever, goofy little approximation of what Windows might have looked like if it had a custom 1993 release.

Happy Friday!

Happy Hallowe’en!

Stay safe and have a great weekend.


Oct. 24th, 2014

Yaaaaaay Friday!


Links time!!

» BBC: Your Life On Earth

“How you and the world have changed since you were born. Best viewed on Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer 10 and above”
Some interesting stats here. I like this.

» Fred Lyon: San Francisco Portfolio

This is a gallery of some of the photos that Mr. Lyon took of San Francisco from the 1940’s and 50’s. They’re stunning.
A larger collection is available in his book, San Francisco, Portrait of a City: 1940-1960.
Great stuff.

» SeeHearParty

A fun little gif + music collage maker.

» Monster Playground

A cool Hallowe’en story that features several easter eggs. One of the more interesting “parallax” web designs I’ve seen in a while.

Bonus Link!

» Drunk J. Crew

i drobbed
my gum”
This made me laugh.
Making the rounds but it’s also pretty clever.

Have a great autumn weekend.

Next week: Hallowe’en!! (booOOOoooo)


Oct. 17th, 2014

Yaaaay we made it to Friday!

Congratulations! And here are some links.

» Ebola Deeply

“The Ebola Files are a collection of text and interactive materials designed to help you understand this public health crisis. From history to science to the search for a cure, the issues they cover will get you up to speed on the state of the deadly outbreak.”
A carefully curated set of updates about the Ebola virus outbreak, so we can all keep some perspective about this disease.

» Inspirograph

An HTML5 interpretation of this classic 1970’s drawing toy.
Even better (for nerds)? The source code is available for free.

» Vintage Disney Parks

Being a Tumblr site collecting as much vintage content from the original Disney parks as possible.

» Reimagine The Game Game

… That’s what it’s actually called.
One of the strangest and most entertaining games I’ve played in a while. Awesome.

Bonus Link!

» 18 Of The Most Bizarre Smuggling Schemes Caught by US Customs

“every day people at my work ask why customs controls can take a little while. these are some of the tricks smugglers were busted using.”

Have a great weekend everybody.

See you in seven days.


Oct. 10th, 2014

Happy Friiiiday!


And here are your links…

» Thru You Too

“Thru You Too is a music album made out of unrelated YouTube videos mixed together. No additional sounds were recorded and none of the players knew they are participating. This is the follow up to my ThruYou project which was released in 2009.”
This is, seriously, mind-blowing. Such great curation going on, and a great sense of arrangement and poetry. I love it.

» Spoiler Alert

A Netflix site that lays bare the key spoilers in any show.
Please do not blame me.
Sent in by Jacqui M.

» The Toast: The Eighteen Kinds Of People Who Comment On Recipe Blogs

A sample:
“I don’t eat white flour, so I tried making it with raw almonds that I’d activated by chewing them with my mouth open to receive direct sunlight, and it turned out terrible. This recipe is terrible.”
Funny. True! Sad.

» Clicker Heroes

You click on things to score points.
The game’s FAQ has some interesting details.

Bonus Link!

» Diana Beltran Herrera: Longwood Gardens

“…I was contacted by Gecko Group and Longwood Gardens to create 6 garden bird species that will be exhibited at the Webb Farm House display at Longwood Gardens in early June 2014. I am really glad to participate in this project mostly because this time Longwood gardens preferred to purchase paper sculptures rather than taxidermy species. I worked really hard to get them as accurate as possible as it was very important for me that the viewers could get a real experience by looking at those life-like birds.”
The birds in this case are created using intricately cut and placed paper.

Have a lovely day.


Oct. 3rd, 2014


And links!

» Lorraine Loots: 365 Postcards For Ants

“365 Postcards for Ants is the second phase of a project started on 1 January 2013, which involved me creating a miniature painting every single day for the entire year.”
These paintings are both incredibly tiny and incredibly detailed. Very well done.
Her Instagram feed gives a better idea of the very small scale she works at. Impressive.

» Gravity Simulator

This is a very exploratory flash… simulation. It’s not really a game. There are no goals. You make things, and give them velocity and direction. And then you watch them move and interact.
Potentially hours of (science!) fun.

» McSweeney’s: Glen Garry, Bob Ross

“What am I painting? F*ck you, that’s what I’m painting. You know why, mister? You drive to the store to get your paint supplies in a Hyundai, I drive an $80,000 BMW. That’s what I’m painting.”
Another hilarious gem from McSweeney’s, written by Zak Wortman.

» Gridland

A fun, fast, addictive “match 3” game.

Bonus Link!

» QWERkywriter

“The Qwerkywriter is an 84 key, USB, Bluetooth enabled, typewriter-inspired mechanical keyboard that simulates a tactile clicky feel of a vintage typewriter.”
Xmas is coming… 😉

Have a great weekend!