Dec. 5th, 2014

Welcome to Friday! Welcome to December!

I’m going to switch things up a bit this week, since we’re officially in “the holiday season” and I get a lot of requests to provide more useful info as opposed to purely entertaining links.

I decided this year that I’m going to provide a series of links to what I think are really interesting and unique holiday gift guides, or to specific sites that offer unique or independently created gifts so that each of you can discover some cool things to give each other this year. I’ll try a few of these each week until Xmas. If it catches on, I’ll do it again next year. Let me know.

So here’s the first one:

The Kid Should See This is a cool blog that curates a bunch of content that would be educational or inspiring for the young-uns. Their gift guide is similarly filled with really clever and inspirational fare. Definitely worth a look.

Here’s a bunch of ornate, lush (or merely historic) holiday display windowsfrom around the world. Or if you’re in NYC, here’s a visitor’s guide to all of the department stores and their display windows. Very creative work.

Okay! Links time! Let’s go!

» Radio ISS

“This is an experiment in imagining what the residents of the International Space Station might hear if they were to listen in to the radio stations below as they orbit the Earth.
RadioISS tracks the position of the ISS, and plays the “nearest” audio stream at that moment from a database of audio streams originating from around the world.”
This is pretty amazing. I’m making this my weekend soundtrack.

» Cayce Zavaglia: Embroideries

“I was originally trained as a painter, but switched to embroidery 12 years ago in an attempt to establish a non-toxic studio and create a body of work that referenced an embroidered piece I had made as a child growing up in Australia. My work focuses exclusively on the portraits of friends, family, and fellow artists.”
These have a certain haunting quality to them. Really well done. I’d enjoy seeing these in person.

» Interview: David Blaine and Madonna

“BLAINE: You knew lots of incredible artists in your early New York days. What artists today do you hope will inspire your children?

MADONNA: I like Banksy. I think he’s inspiring and he speaks to what’s going on in the world, socially.”
This is actually a very good read.

» Madburger 3

(I never knew there was a 1 or 2.)
An odd little game, but definitely fun. And funny.

Bonus Link!

» Buffalo Bill Gates

I think my favorite is Quentin Tarantina Turner. Holy crap these are funny.

Before I leave you: here are some places that could use your assistance this Holiday season. I’m sure we’re all inundated with notices for donations from a variety of charities and organizations. After a year like 2014 has been, I think it’s especially important to help out. It’s been a rough year. It feels good to do good, so here are a few I think are worth contributing to.

Happy Holidays everybody. See you in seven days!