Dec. 26th, 2014

Happy Friday!

Where I live, today is Boxing Day, and I am not going to explain what that is.

Instead: Links!

» Festive Funk Family

A cute little groove creator with a festive theme. Nice!
Sent in by Miko C.

» Ten Things You Might Not Know About Christmas

… like, for example, that it was once illegal in America.
You might actually know several of these but it’s an interesting collection of factoids.

» Tim Flach: More Than Human

“In his collection More Than Human published in 2012, Flach makes a photographic exploration of animal species ranging from mammals to marine creatures to insects. By removing the creatures from their natural environments, and shooting in a minimal studio setting, the images take on a curiously ‘portrait-like’ appearance, usually distinct to humans.”
Suggested by Cassie P.

» Pixels For Christmas

An addictive little flash game. Fun!

Bonus Link!

» Windows 95 Tips

Created by Neil Cicierega, who also is a great mashup DJ. These are great.

Have a lovely Friday. I hope your holiday was amazing.