Jan. 16th, 2015

Welcome back to Friday everybody!

Here are some links…

» Vincent Laforet: Night Over New York

(Originally discovered here.)
“This flight required extensive planning and special clearances – we were actually flying ABOVE all of the airline traffic landing at JFK, LGA and Newark airports … Imagine leaning out of an open door of a helicopter 7,500 feet over New York City on a very dark and chilly night…”
Hauntingly beautiful.
Making the rounds, and I can see why.

» How Wes Anderson’s Cinematographer Shot These 9 Great Scenes

[self explanatory]
An insightful interview with cinematographer Robert Yeoman about some of the more intricate and iconic moments shot while working with Wes Anderson.
A great read.

» Metazz: Retro Redesign of Classic Metal Album Covers

All of these are great.
Sent along by Ralph A.

» Dots

“The player takes turns with the computer drawing a line to connect two dots, either horizontally or vertically. If a player makes the line that completes a box, that player scores one point.”
More than mildly addictive.
Sent in by Erin C.

Bonus Link!

» Ship Your Enemies Glitter

“We send glitter to the people you hate.”
[self explanatory]
Making the rounds but kind of hilarious, so I included it here.

Have a great weekend. And hopefully it’s not crazy cold for everybody out there.

See you all in a week.