Feb. 6th, 2015

Welcome to the first Friday in February!

You know what that means… Links time!

» Predominantly

A pretty amazing interface that presents album covers to you based on the colour you click on. It’s a celebration of the former excitement of musical discovery based nearly solely on the look of the album cover. A great little site.
Suggested by Olivia M.

» Panorama of the City of Toronto, 1857

[self explanatory]
Making the rounds, and as a patriotic Torontonian I had to share. Lovely.

» Bad Luck, Hot Rocks

Apparently a lot of people have been stealing petrified wood samples from the Petrified Forest in Northeast Arizona. Many of them then experienced some extended period of bad luck in one form or another, and returned the rocks including a letter of apology. This website (and its accompanyingbook) collects some of these letters.
These are great.

» Run 2: Unblocked

A fun little foot or skate racing game. A little challenging.

Bonus Link!

» Genetic Algorithm Walkers

“What the hell is this?
This observational pastime hopes to evolve walking creatures through genetic algorithms.”
This is a weird little simulator. I like watching it. It’s funny!

Phew! We did it guys!

See you in a week.