Apr. 3rd, 2015

It is Friday!

It is April!

It is (where I live) a Long Weekend!

It is time for your Friday Links! 🙂

» Vector map

A pretty interesting piece of code that overlays any Google Maps view of the earth with vector graphics.
It looks like any futuristic map from a late-70s / early-80s sci-fi movie. 🙂

» Inside Insides

Andy Ellison does some “Magnetic Resonance Imaging of Foods”
A great little find sent in by Cassie P.

» Catcordian

[= cat + accordian]
Because the Internet.

» Google Maps Pac Man

Making the rounds but just amazingly well done. You can pick any street! (At least: you can now. This may be an April Fools Only situation.)

Bonus Link!

» Fake Self-Help Books

These are just great.


See you next week. Have a great (long) weekend.