Apr. 24th, 2015

Your Friday Links have arrived…

And it’s already the last Friday in April!

Just a quick note that both the Friday Links and the Friday Videos websites are now mobile and tablet friendly. I heard your concerns and I rearranged a few things. Thanks for your understanding while I got all of that happening over the past few weeks.

So let’s get going…

» Inside Abbey Road

A mind blowing insider’s look at this historic recording facility. Great work.
Sent in by many, many subscribers.

» Gradient Forest

Created by Vince McKelvie.

» Mosh.io

A great little browser experiment that performs photographic effects on your image of choice.
Great stuff.

» Stickman Dirtbike

A challenging little bike racer. Also not a bad band name.

Bonus Link!


“I remember poking around on the CD of the PC Version of WipEout back in the day, looking for ways to modify the game. I was thrilled to find .pcx images of all textures and tried to change one of the in-game billboard graphics to show my name. I wasn’t able to get it working.
Now, almost 20 years later, I thought I’d give it another shot.”
This is definitely a very nerdy deep-dive into the data that went into producing 3D race track levels, but this guy also built a JavaScript 3D Model Viewer to display the data he was able to successfully extract.

Have a great Friday and a great weekend.