June 19th, 2015

Hooray for Friday!


Let’s begin…

10 Great Performances from Game of Thrones Actors to Help You Fill the Void

[self explanatory]

Also: I completely forgot that Lena Headey was in Dredd! A great list that only underscores the sheer acting firepower of this series.

On The Grid

“On the Grid is a designer’s guide to neighborhood gems. It was created by Hyperakt, a design agency based in Brooklyn.”

Really cleverly designed. I like it!

A 1920s Hotel Lobby Hidden In An Upper West Side Apartment Building

A great discovery in New York’s upper west side, lovingly detailed by Nick Carr. (And yes, that is two NYC links this week. You’re welcome, America.)

Game Oldies

“Game-Oldies.com is an online emulator website and community. We support many classic systems, and add some very often.”

These guys are not kidding! If they merely had Sega Genesis and Super NES alone it would be a pretty huge accomplishment, but they emulate a lot of other systems too. (Note: No Atari of any kind, but still…)

There goes your weekend…

Bonus Link!

World’s biggest compliment shower

[self explanatory?]

I’m a bit behind, since “World Compliment Day” occurs annually on March 1st, but still: this creation by Dutch (or Belgian?) fashion retailer e5 is cute!

Some reading for your weekend:

Let’s Not Schedule Phone Calls Anymore

Illuminating North Korea

Have a great weekend everybody.