June 26th, 2015

It’s Friiiidayyy!



Links time!

Cabbibo / Enough

“It’s difficult to describe the joy that I found from picking up a picture book and reading it cover to cover. They let me explore galaxies, ride dinosaurs, slay dragons.”

This is a stunning web installation in HTML5 created by Cabbibo. There are more to play with on this site as well. Really beautifully done.

Passport Index

“Passport Index displays and ranks the world’s passports. Discover the visa free power rank of each passport. How powerful is your passport?”

An interesting little site.

Todd McLellan: Things Come Apart

Photographer Todd McLellan disassembles a variety of machines and presents all of their parts in satisfying organizational displays.
There are also two short time-lapse videos of some of the disassembly process.


Think: “Lunar Landar”, but now multiplayer, and HTML5. You can compare your moves and compete for the best landing. I have always sucked at this game, but maybe you do not. Have at it!

Bonus Link!

Google Sheep View

[making the rounds…]

“At last!”, I hear you cry.

Some interesting bits and pieces:

Let’s Rebuild Nepal

“These blocks are miniature versions of the structures that collapsed in the recent Nepal earthquake. By buying these toys you help rebuild Nepal for generations to come.”

A pretty good idea.

I spent the last 15 years trying to become an American. I’ve failed.

Written for Vox by William Han. A pretty sobering read.

Thanks for reading, as always. And as always, have a great Friday!

See you soon.