July 17th, 2015

Welcome to Friday everybody.

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The Formula For An Episode Of Murder, She Wrote

UK based Tom Francis itemizes pretty much every single episode of this popular series.

A great read.


Remember the movie “Contact“? Remember that opening animation where we’re zooming through the universe towards earth and we hear radio broadcasts throughout history from far out in space until we zoom into Earth and it’s the present day? This is a website that will identify how far out in space you’d have to be to hear (for example) “Gold Digger” by Kanye West. (10 Light Years out.)

A pretty fun concept.

Zheng He’s Enormous Treasure Ships

“Between 1405 and 1433, during the Ming era, Chinese Admiral Zheng He, who was also the court eunuch, commanded seven expeditionary voyages as far away as East Africa and Middle East. These expeditions, known in Chinese history as the treasure voyages, consisted of hundreds of ships of enormous dimensions carrying a crew as large as 28,000 and great amounts of treasures.”


You Have 60 Seconds

A severely time-limited maze game. Frustratingly addictive.

Sent in by David S.

Bonus Link!


Images from film adaptations of Jane Austen stories, overlaid with headlines from The Onion. Of course.

This week’s long reads, some of which you may already have seen.

New Yorker: The Really Big One

This piece was making the rounds all week and scaring the crap out of everybody I know. So you’ve been warned: it’s not really a “fun” read, but it is informative.

An Identity Thief Explains the Art of Emptying Your Bank Account

Yeah, pretty happy / sun-shiny reading I know. 🙂 Informative!

And that’s all I got!

Have an excellent weekend everybody. See you next week!