August 28th, 2015

Huzzah! It is Friday!

Right? (Is it just me?)


Here we go…


A new installation / sold out art project from Banksy. This is making the rounds and (as mentioned) sold out. This all looks really amazing. There is some great coverage over at Booooooom as well.

Dictionary Stories

“Very short stories composed entirely of example sentences from the New Oxford American Dictionary.” There has been some pretty great coverage of this on Slate and others.


A proposal on behalf of McDonald’s and Burger King to join forces on Sept. 21st, 2015 (aka: Peace Day.) I don’t like either of these companies but the site is certainly a great piece of HTML5 mastery.


A challenging multiplayer game. The goal is to find your way to the flag. Someone known as “the master” (randomly selected) can either help or hinder you by drawing or erasing paths. It’s complicated. Eats up lots of free time.

Bonus Link!

Leaving Everywhere

A site that randomly generates a “why I’m leaving [city name here]” letter based on US census and other data. Kind of cute. Very much US-specific.

Some reads:

Abandoning the work I hated. An essay by Robert Markowitz in the New york Times (so caution: paywall.) He goes from being a lawyer, to teaching Sunday school, to… deciding to take his time to find what he loves to do instead. Inspiring.

Most gun deaths are suicides, not homicides. That’s a strong case for gun control. From Dylan Matthews over at Vox. This has been a terrible year for senseless gun violence in the US. (But so has virtually every year of the past 20.)

See you in a week, Friday folks!


Aug. 21st, 2015

Are you ready?

Can you handle it?

It’s Friday!

Here are the links…

Terra Flamma

Los Angeles based photographer Stuart Palley takes long exposure photographs of the devastating wildfires which have recently been ravaging California.

They’re breathtaking. Amazing.

The website is undergoing an upgrade to WordPress, so I’ve linked to the Instagram page instead. This is the work of Brad Anderton as a way of dealing with chronic pain. It is phenomenal.

Hat tip to Cassie P. for the find. Fantastic.

Orange #Futureself

“There’s been a lot of change over the last 20 years, what will it look like in another 20?”

You get to interview an oddly-created “future version” of yourself to find out what will have changed in 20 years. (Note: You have to grant the site access to your computer’s webcam and microphone.) This is making the rounds and appears to have taken some real effort to achieve.

Rickshaw City

A fairly challenging parking game where the steering wheel is super extreme. (You turn way sharper than you probably want to.) Takes some getting used to but it’s satisfying when you complete each level.

Suggested by Matt S.

Bonus Link!

The Pep Talk Generator

[self explanatory]

“You are the only person who knows you. You are the only person that can make something happen.”

Might be a good way to start your day.

Some reads!

The Real Housewives Of Ancient Egypt Had 8-foot-long Prenups

A neat article I tripped across this week.

“The 2,480-year-old marital document, written in demotic script […] was made to ensure that if the union between the signers didn’t work out, the wife would be adequately provided for. Her compensation would include ‘1.2 pieces of silver and 36 bags of grain every year for the rest of her life…'”

[Related: archaeologists may have discovered the tomb of Nefertiti recently.]

Oh and P.S.: For this weekend, maybe try playing this playlist compiled a few days ago by Barack Obama. I love this era!

See you next week.


August 14th, 2015

Hey: it’s Friday! About time (right?)

Let’s get things started.

Straight Outta Somewhere

You can make your own take on “Straight Outta Compton” with this simple tool, which is a promotional widget for the new Straight Outta Compton movie. Well done. (It’s making the rounds in sometimes humorous ways.)


A site that exposes “secret menus” available at several major restaurants. Interesting.

Cycloid Drawing Machine

A digital / web version of this kickstarter’s physical drawing machine.


A tense little arcade game where you must avoid detection. Addictive and quite challenging.

Bonus Link!


“MSTY is a fun and exciting new way to message; whether you’re happy, celebrating, flirting or simply having fun with friends… There’s a MSTY for every moment!”

msty = “My Song To You”, a mobile app where you can send a personalized representation of a song to another person.

Have a great weekend everybody.


August 7th, 2015


[band continues without me]

Here are this week’s Friday Links!

Screenbid Auctions: Mad Men

Screenbid is auctioning off numerous items from all seasons of AMC’s Mad Men. That includes Don Draper’s 1965 Coupe DeVille (current bid: $26.5k.) You could own a piece of TV history. Pretty great.

Santa Fe Exports: Frank Gonzales

Some pretty stunning art from this artist. He also regularly updates his Instagram account.


“ARCKIT is a freeform model making system that allows you to physically explore designs and bring your architectural projects to life”

Prices range from $70 – 400 for a set. Christmas is coming. This could be the great architectural construction set for the builder in your life.

“ is a showcase of curated creative coding sketches. The aim of these doodles is to exhibit interactive, engaging web experiments which only require a short attention span. No loading bars, no GUI, no 5MB 3D models or audio files, just plain and simple doodles with code.”

These are great! And this site could eat up hours out of your day. (I wouldn’t complain about it.)

An article making the rounds this week that I think could be worth a look at is from Marc Hogan over at Stereogum:

Have We Reached Peak Vinyl?

Stewart Anderson has had enough. The frontman for noise-pop veterans Boyracer and head of likeminded label 555 Recordings has been releasing music on vinyl since 1991. But the well-documented manufacturing delays that have gone hand in hand with the format’s unlikely resurgence have finally pushed the artist/entrepreneur to the point of wanting to break it off with analog discs.

Full disclosure: I still have a thing for vinyl records. But I can’t justify the $35 (and higher) price tags.

Bonus Link!

Have a lovely weekend everybody!