September 11th, 2015

Hello Friday fans! Here we are again.

I hope your first unofficial post-Summer week was a good one. (And short!)

Here we go…

Brooklyn Bar Menu Generator

[self explanatory, somewhat]

My first one was for a place named Irwin and Stanhope, and started with Salt – 11. I like. Also: heavy on the bison. (Is that bad though?)


A bizarre, artistic little fake-os emulator. Very cleverly styled.


It’s a small boat, with an outboard motor, controlled by your smartphone. Designed by featuring – featuring. It’s not exactly “steered” by your phone, instead you give it a destination and it drives you there.

Love the design. This appears to be in the prototype phase.

Gateway 2

A challenging puzzle game. I had never seen Gateway 1 but I kind of want to after this one. Takes some effort. I like.

Bonus Link!


A pretty slick IndieGogo crowd-funding project for a device that turns any car into a smart car. Looks great.


The Future of New York City Transportation: Goodbye Cars, Hello Rails

A great little article about NYC’s potentially car-free future.

Remember The Warriors: Behind The Chaotic, Drug-Fueled, And Often Terrifying Making Of A Cult Classic

[self explanatory]

Also, I know it made the rounds this past couple weeks, but have you guys seen that Socality Barbie Instagram account? Yes. You probably have.

Have a great weekend everybody.