September 18th, 2015

Welcome to your Friday Links.

Just a quick note that next week is the official end of Summer. (Cry)

Here we go!

Fragmented Frames

“Artist, Matthew Cassidy, started by taking apart an old broken camera to see what was inside. Realizing how unique, interesting and beautiful the pieces were he meticulously placed them within a frame and gave it to his partner for her birthday. ”

You can buy some of them too.

Sent in by Kate S.

Askandy: Disney Princess Pinups

L.A. Artist Andrew Tarusov, among other things, reimagines several Disney princesses as 1950s style pin-ups. Really well done. (Also: Hurry before lawyers…)

Cat Purr Generator

[self explanatory]

My own cat didn’t respond to this at all, but your mileage may vary.

Delicious Cortex

One of the best old-style arcade games I’ve played in ages. You can lead a horde of zombies through numerous little adventures. Beautifully achieved.

Bonus Link!

Justin Trudeau or Zoolander

Test your knowledge. Which one said it? Canadian Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau, or comical faux-fashion magnate Derek Zoolander? Some of these are actually pretty tricky…

[Extra bonus extra: I want a garden igloo (when I grow up!)]

Some readses…es.

McSweeney’s: An Interactive Guide To Ambiguous Grammar.

“A lazy dog was involved in a jumping incident with a quick brown fox.” Indeed!

The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration

This one has been making the rounds and is certainly worth a read.

See you in Seven Days! Have a great weekend everybody.