October 30th, 2015

Welcome to the Friday Links… of the daaaaaamned!!!! [thunder]

Happy Hallowe’en Eve! 🙂

I have some bad news: I have no game. I couldn’t find a halfway decent one for this week – especially not a Hallowe’en related game. So: my apologies. Last week’s game was pretty excellent though. 🙂

So let’s begin.

World Leaders With Man Buns

[self explanatory]

Ahhh Photoshop…

Domino’s DXP

A pretty unique use of HTML5 to show off a custom vehicle made for Domino’s Pizza specifically with pizza delivery in mind. It features a built-in warming oven to keep your pizza order hot (140F) right up to delivery time. Some great interface design here. They already have quite a few of these on the roads in the US. (I don’t like Domino’s, but maybe others will pick up on this idea.)

Fabris Photography: Renaissance Auto Mechanics

This is making the rounds. Photographer Freddy Fabris wanted to pay homage to Renaissance portraiture and composition, so he did so using a group of various auto mechanics. Was going to link to his website directly, but the interface is terrible. Some great, great work here.

The Wah Wah Machine

In support of the Peanuts Movie (why?) comes this silly web thing that takes whatever you type and expresses it in the quasi-voice of adults in the Peanuts cartoon. A cute single-use website.

A couple of quick reads this week:

The Verge: How an episode of The Simpsons is made

Similar but different: The Binge Director, which writes about the process Steven Soderbergh goes through to conceptualize and direct a series of “The Knick”. Great stuff.

See you in a week, and a whole new month.


October 23rd, 2015


It has arrived.

We have links to visit…

Gadgettz.com: This Creepy Puzzle Arrived In Our Mail

“We received a letter from Poland containing a really weird CD.

Written on the disc is what looks like a product key, however upon examining the contents of the CD it’s quite clear that this is a puzzle of some sort.”

This is fascinating. Just in time for Hallowe’en! 🙂

I’m Just Walkin

“This is the counterpoint to my walk across the US. Instead of seeing a million places for just a minute each, I’m going to spend a million minutes exploring just one place.”

Matt Green has decided to walk every block of NYC (and surrounding burroughs.)

This is fascinating.

Pneumatic Anatomy

London-based artist Kerry Hughes recreates internal organs using balloon art. These are amazing and yet seemingly fun.


“A colorful physics platformer with circular levels that grow each time you collect a circle. Do this seven times to complete each level.”

They make it sound so simple. Definitely challenging. Definitely addictive. Well done.

Bonus Link!

How dogs get older: A fascinating and deeply touching photography project

Dogs photographed several years apart.

Amanda Jones has dedicated the past 20 years to an incredible photography project which aims to show just how fleeting the lives of our beloved pets are.”

An interesting read this week:

The Life and Death of an Amazon Warehouse Temp

The story of one Jeff Lockhart Jr., and how his passing raises questions about our current retail expectations, and Amazon in particular. Heartbreaking. Daunting.

My holiday countdown has one more entry this week: the Fujifilm Instax Share Smartphone Printer. Currently priced at $139, you connect to this little device via its own wifi network from your smartphone and instantly print photos using their app. Perfect for all the holiday get-togethers you’ll be attending soon.

So there we go!

See you in seven days everybody.


October 16th, 2015

Fridayyyy at last. Phew. Great to be here!

OK: To the links!!

Google Street View Player

You enter an origin and destination location, and this site will play you a series of images of what the Google Street View car saw on that drive.

Pretty great idea.

Created by developer Brian Folts. Fantastic.

Fear and Loathing in GTAV

“GTA V is the most complex game/virtual reality ever made: it represents the zeitgeist and illustrates how fast everything is moving in the world today, which coincidentally made it perfect to explore a host of questions surrounding virtual reality that I’d been wrestling with for quite some time.”

Some haunting, beautiful images in here, all captured in-game in GTAV.

Wayne Levin Images

Wayne Levin specializes in underwater photography and his site features some really stunning work.

Infinity Inc.

“Find a clone gun, create your own clones and overcome deathly traps by destroying them!”

This is a mentally complicated, and insanely addictive game. I love it. Great concept. I suck at it but it’s fun to watch somebody who’s really good at it.

Bonus Link!

Listverse: 10 Unnecessary Fears People Had of Everyday Things

[self explanatory]


And so: Since we’re heading into the early stages of “the holiday season” I thought I’d start including a few links to things I think would be pretty sweet gift ideas for your special someone. We’re in this fascinating era of so much great stuff being made I figured: why not? But only one or two a week. We’ll see how long I keep it up.

Bestmadeco: The Weather Station

BestMadeCo: The Weather Station
BestMadeCo: The Weather Station

Sure it’s $172 plus shipping, but it shows you when several elements are “just right”. I like it.

ThinkGeek Mini Vintage Bluetooth Stereo

A kooky, but cute idea. Only $50! (plus shipping, etc.) Adorable.

See you again next Friday!


October 9th, 2015

Phew. Made it!

It’s Friday! And where I’m from, it’s a long weekend.

Heeeeere we go…

Project Apollo Archive

A newly-released trove of 8,400 images from the Apollo program that put men on the moon in the late 60’s. All from a lone archivist in Virginia! Many of these are breathtaking, and others document the day-to-day of a moon mission. Fantastic.

Attention K-Mart Shoppers

“This is a digitized version of an in-store cassette tape that was played within a Kmart store.  See the title of the file for the month and year.  I worked at Kmart between 1989 and 1999 and held onto them with the hopes that they would be of use some day.  Enjoy!”

This is one of the oddest internet-hoarding things I’ve seen in a while.


Because haven’t we all wanted to enter a chatroom as a horse?

Haven’t we?

Cube Escape: The Mill

“In the sixth installment of the Cube Escape series you find yourself in an old mill full of strange machinery. Interact with objects by using your mouse.”

I had never heard of this series of games but it was recommended by several subscribers. Not bad.


Bonus Link!

Disney Princesses Reimagined as Hot Dogs

[self explanatory…?]

But why?

A couple of good reads this week, starting with a pretty bizarre one…

Baby, I’m A Secret Agent, Alien-Hybrid Here To Save The World

This was making the rounds for the past week or so and it is one of the loopiest things I’ve read in a long time. One caution: it’s from Playboy.com so… possibly nsfw.

When I’m Gone

A story by Rafael Zoehler which lists a series of letters his dying father wrote for key moments in his life-to-be. Heartbreaking and wonderfully composed.

Worth noting: the new Light L16 camera, which is a really different new form factor for a super high resolution imaging device. Not a sponsor. I don’t own one. The concept totally fascinates me.

P.S. I’d also like to inform you that there is now an iPhone app for cats.

Have a lovely (long?) weekend.


October 2nd, 2015

It’s actually Friday! For real!

At last.

I know this has been a week of some terrible news (on my side of the pond) of course. But we have to strive ahead.

So here we go. The links!


A great visualization of the relationships between musical recording artists throughout history. This can easily eat up hours of your day. I love that you can start from somebody very well known, and end up in unexpected places. (Just like you can with good music.)

Coolness Graphed

[self explanatory]

A graphical examination of when something is cool, and when it probably is not.

Suggested by Stewie.

My Morning Routine

“Dreamed up by Michael Xander and Benjamin Spall in December 2012, My Morning Routine is an independent online magazine that brings you a brand new, inspiring morning routine every Wednesday to help set you up for a more productive and enjoyable day.”

This is pretty great. Sent in by Kate S.


A multiplayer trivia game, organized into categories. You can sign up, and build a trivia empire out of it, or play as a guest. It’s excellently designed. Nice job.

Bonus Link!

Captain Credible: Dead Cats “Generative” EP

“This EP ‘Dead Cats’ Is unique in that each physical copy of the printed circuitboard is a different version of the EP. The last track on the ep ‘main.h’ is generated by the microcontroller on the circuitboard using a bunch of complex 8bit maths equations and your download code.”

Such a unique – and decidedly nerdy – approach. But it also sounds good. Sent along by Trevor T.

One pretty good read this week:

Becoming Rihanna

“In a world of phonies, Rihanna is the realest. How she manages this, we may never know.” Writer Mary H. K. Choi profiles Rihanna without ever gaining access to her. It’s a pretty great article.

Have a great weekend everybody!