December 11th, 2015

Welcome to Friday!

Great to be here…

Okay: links time!

Google Santa Tracker

A vastly expanded Santa tracker from previous years. Sort of like an advent calendar for interactive xmas-related games and other things. But it also includes a kid-friendly code lab, so the little ones can get their feet wet with programming. That is a great idea.

Really well done.


This has been making the rounds but in the past week it was extremely flaky, so I held off. This is a portal into’s “Wayback Machine” which emulates what old web browsers used to look like when browsing old websites. An exceedingly nerdy recreation, but well done (when it works.)

Design a Wig

…specifically an 18th century wig. An odd choice but well done.

Sent along by Traci T.

Trail Cube

Basically you guide a cube through a series of obstacles. It starts off simple but becomes pretty hectic pretty quickly.

Bonus Link!

45 Amazing Facts You Didn’t Know About Christmas

Here’s a fun fact: You probably do know more than a few of these, but there are some interesting ones in here, like the Japanese tradition of reserving KFC orders 2 months in advance…

Finally, I strongly recommend Kottke’s Holiday Gift Guide, whose suggestions echo a lot of the same stuff I would have suggested, but from a source I like a lot.

Have a great weekend, Friday fans!