January 8th, 2016

Welcome to Friday!

Week two! That was fast.

Links time!

Street View: Then And Now

“A public domain remix by Bert Spaan of NYPL Labs, using the Fifth Avenue from Start to Finish collection.”

A quasi-Google-street-view comparison of NYC’s Fifth Avenue from 1911 versus now.

This is a portion of the massive trove of media the New York Public Library made available this week of items that are now in the public domain. Since they invited the public at large to “remix” this media, this is one of the things that came out of that. Really excellent work.

Let Artificial Intelligence guess your attractiveness and age

[self explanatory]

There is also a mobile app. (I know what you’re saying: at last)

Sent in by Teresa S.

Wave City Coffee Table


“Inspired by a film this table is a well balanced mixture of wood, steel and 3D printed technology.”

(The film being, of course, Inception.) And only €4000.00! I’ll take two.

Darkest Days

The intro is long, but the game is beautifully rendered and quite frantic at times. Addictive!

Bonus Link!


“Using Magic+, you have a real super power – you can make anything happen with a simple text message.”

And they do mean anything. Remodel your house! Meet your favorite celebrity! It comes at a hefty price, but this is a crazy, pretty amazing idea.

A couple of reads…

Why the U.S. Should Never Host Another Olympics

“It’s expensive, demanding, and in the eyes of the many cities that have refused to throw their hats into the five-ring circus, a total scam”

This goes for any country, really, but the article is about the US specifically.

6 Pieces of Adorable, Edible Disney Food Art

[self explanatory]

The one of Goofy is sublime.

So there we go!

See you all very soon.