February 26th, 2016

We have arrived at Friday.

Your mission is almost complete. To the links!!


An amazing website that simulates the global spread of a deadly infection starting from your own address, your neighborhood, nearby stores, hospitals, etc. Really well executed.

It’s a promo site to promote Ubisoft’s new videogame “Tom Clancy’s The Division“. Really well done.

Sent in by Erin F.

Mar Cerdà: Cut Paper + Watercolor

Mar Cerdà: Cut Paper + Watercolor

Mar Cerdà, a gifted artist from Barcelona, Spain, creates intricate dioramas depicting set pieces from Wes Anderson movies, among other things. There is just an unbelievable attention to detail here. Great stuff.

Iris.ai: The science around the TED Talk

A pretty amazing site. You enter the url for a TED talk, and this site digs up all the science behind that talk. A great educational discovery tool. I don’t know how complete it is but it works for most of the talks I entered into it.


This is a massively multiplayer online version of the classic Minesweeper game.

There goes your weekend… 😉

Bonus Link!

Paul Fuentes Design

Some really whimsical work here from this Mexico City designer and artist. I think I like the Junk Food section the best. His Instagram is also pretty awesome.

And before I go I wanted to share this song, Arizona, by the band Frances Cone out of Brooklyn, NY. I’ve been playing it a great deal since last Saturday. It’s awesome. Catch them on tour this spring and summer.

Have a lovely Friday, and a great, great weekend.