April 29th, 2016

Friday has returned, in all its linky goodness.

And we bid farewell to April 2016. Maybe now it can finally begin to actually get warm (where I am.)

Here we go!



“How was the map created?

UCL EI took data showing location and speed of ships and cross-checked it with another database to get the vessel characteristics, such as engine type and hull measurements.”

There are several ways to view this map too. Extremely detailed.


An obsessively detailed data-centric breakdown of Game of Thrones laying out projections on who the most and least popular characters are, who is most likely to die next (note: spoiler potential.) It was the result of a JavaScript course taught at the Technische Universität Müunchen (Technical University of Munich)

Some great work here.

The Overlook Hotel

A fairly obsessive blog curating all things related to or inspired by Kubrick’s The Shining. I had no idea how many places this kept cropping up. Carpeting. Skateboards. And of course an exhaustive list of film memorabilia. Really great.


Have you heard of the crazy addictive and frustrating game Desert Golfing?

This is a web-based, multiplayer version of that. It’s addictive and challenging. And kind of funny.

Bonus Link!

Classic Programmer Paintings

Technological dilemmas depicted through classic art. This is Decidedly nerdy, but if you work with computer systems for a living (as I do) these are pure gold.

There are your Friday Links. All done. Finished.

Have a great day, and a great weekend.