May 27th, 2016

Friday again!

And the end of May. Wah. But very soon: Summer! (in my hemisphere.)

So: links!!

Are You Good Enough to Be a Tennis Line Judge?

“Watch a series of shots on a clay court and decide whether each was in or out. You only get one chance and five seconds to make the call. Good luck!”

Extremely difficult. (To me.) Made by the Wall Street Journal to celebrate the French Open, which is my real indication that Summer is here at last.

Mark Dingo Francisco: Wes Anderson Postcards

Mark Dingo Francisco: Wes Anderson Postcards

“A tribute to Wes Anderson, and his ability to inspire.”

Mark is a Brooklyn-based designer and obviously pretty talented. The rest of his site is worth a peek as well. Nicely done.


A fully functional 14-foot kayak that breaks down into a backpack-sized carrier weighing about 55 pounds. This is a Kickstarter and another pretty interesting product idea. Love it.

Similar but different: GoBoat.


A surprisingly challenging driving sim. The camera makes me a little woozy but I found it really addictive. Maybe you will too.

Bonus Link!


“FOAAS (F*ck Off As A Service) provides a modern, RESTful, scalable solution to the common problem of telling people to f*ck off.”

Nerdy yes. Useful: sort of. Funny: absolutely. This must have taken quite a bit of man hours to refine.

Finally I tripped across an oddly funny, smart, fascinating podcast called My Favorite Murder which I recommend, with the caveat that the topic is (indeed) murder, so I recognize that it may not be for everybody.

And there we go! Friday: Sorted!

See you in a week, Friday People!


May 20th, 2016

Hooray for Friday!

And where I live, it’s a long weekend. Huzzah!

And now: some links…

Daily Overview

Daily Overview

“Our project was inspired, and derives its name, from an idea known as the Overview Effect. This term refers to the sensation astronauts have when given the opportunity to look down and view the Earth as a whole.”

Some great, great photography here.

The Making Of Me And You

A BBC web installation that takes your age, your height and weight, and then spits out a large amount of beautifully depicted data of the atoms, cells and substances that make up “you”. (Including what some of those elements cost.)

It’s making the rounds and it is well worth a look.

Bike In A Backpack

Created by Bangalore India’s Lucid Design this is an ingenious, beautiful little vehicle. Nicely done.

A massively multiplayer open-ended brawler which appears to largely be grounded in JavaScript.

Certainly fun. I don’t last very long in it but perhaps you will. Super fun.

Bonus Link!


A weird little tumblr that shows (naturally) a series of photos of cats, and beneath each of those, a little piece of code that generates a sound to accompany the cat photo.

You can play around with the code to generate different sounds.

It’s weird. I kind of like it.

Sent in by Kate S. (who loves cats.)

And there we have it! Another Friday all wrapped up.

See you again in seven days.


May 13th, 2016

It is Friday…

The thirteenth! [orchestra!]

And of course: time for the links. Let’s begin…


A web-based simulation of a theremin. Apparently even better with a touch-screen. Record your own cover of “Good Vibrations” today!

I Am The Cube

I Am The Cube

A really beautifully-rendered web browser version of this classic puzzle.

Neural Doodle

This is a code library that will take your doodle as input, analyze it, and then artistically re-render it. It’s hard to describe but it looks pretty amazing. It’s still a work in progress but it looks pretty great.

Space Cave

All I can say is: if you reeeeally hated Flappy Bird? You will really hate this game. Challenging. 🙂

Bonus Link!

My Sticker Face

“My Sticker Face is the only way to create custom stickers of your face! Choose your sizes, upload your photos and we’ll do the rest!”

How did Instagram not already come up with this?! A cute little idea. Possibly a great gift as well.

There you go! Friday the 13th: sorted!

Have a great weekend everybody.


May 6th, 2016

May the 6th be with you…


Welcome to your Friday Links! Let’s go…

Lego Imperial Star Destroyer

Lego Imperial Star Destroyer

“The Tyrant is over 56 inches (1.4m) long and weighs approximately 70 lbs (32kg) with a full load (the interior adds a lot of weight). That makes it about 20 inches longer — and quite a few times heavier — than the classic LEGO UCS version.”

Just… just look at this! The immense attention to detail coupled with the sheer size of this thing: it’s impressive.

Suggested by Byron M.

Archilogic: Don Draper’s Apartment

Archilogic has a bunch of 3D architectural constructions on their site, and an informative blog, but this one is pretty impressive. Carefully put together and rendered. I like.

Sweet Soundtrack

Enter the title of a movie and this site will list all the songs in its soundtrack. (Official soundtrack or otherwise.) From there you can download the track (if it’s available) from either iTunes or Amazon.

This is especially great for movies where no soundtrack was released (for example.) A great little tool.

Traffic Collision

A great, well-rendered game. The goal is to drive as long as possible, collecting “nitro” and extra time icons as you go. The shaky camera and the crashes are pretty frantic. I like it.

Bonus Link!

Judith G. Klausner: Oreo Cameo

“dimensions: 2″×2″×0.25″
materials: Oreo sandwich cookie”

Sommerville, MA – based artist Judith Klausner creates portraits by carefully carving the icing layer of an Oreo cookie.

These are awesome! 🙂

And so there you go!

See you in a week. Stay safe out there.