June 24th, 2016

If you can believe it: it’s already Friday again!

And the first one of Summer 2016! (in my hemisphere.)


And now: on to this week’s links…

Swiss Army Man

Created to help promote the A24-produced film “Swiss Army Man” (in theatres now), this little web… thing let’s you play with an inanimate person who responds to certain typed commands.

This ate up quite a bit of one of my days this week…

Edan Kwan: Particle Love

Edan Kwan: Particle Love

A great selection of particle physics all created and manipulated in the browser.

It definitely can eat up quite a bit of your computer’s processor to do it, but the results are pretty fantastic.

The Temple of No by Crows Crows Crows

A sort of “choose your own adventure” game all performed in browser.

Cleverly achieved. Sent in by Alyssa H.

Ragdoll Achievement

(Note: I would go see a band if their name was Ragdoll Achievement…)

The goal here is to cause damage to a crash test dummy (ragdoll.)

This is cartoon-y violence at its best. Also: similar and yet unrelated to the Swiss Army Man above!

Bonus Link!
»Malling-Hansen Writing Ball«, 1867

“The first typewriter in the world produced in series. Serial-No. 97. Pastor Rasmus Hans Johan Malling-Hansen – director of Denmark’s deaf-and-dumb institute in Copenhagen – invented this wonderful precision machine. Giant showpiece of any collection in fantastic original condition!

Estimate: US$ 65,000/104,000”

It isn’t obvious to me how this would actually be used, but apparently it was.

Beautiful looking machine though…

Finally: A great read I was sent by many subscribers this week analyzes the typography found in the movie Blade Runner. It’s making the rounds, it’s exhaustive, and I love it.

And so there we go! Summer links number 1: sorted.

I will see you again next week.

Happy Friday!


June 17th, 2016

The time has come: Friday Links Time!

Ready? Ok…

Make Barnes Dance

Yes, you can make UK footballer John Barnes dance in… well… some very odd ways.

This ate up an afternoon. Funny!

Who Is My Voice

If you live in the US, enter your zip code to find out how much money your government representatives accepted from the NRA.

In light of several recent events, this is now a thing. Sad. But it lets you take more direct action if you are in the US and care about stopping (slowing?) mass shootings.

States Of Matter

“An interactive video experiment”

Featuring new music created by members of the band Sigur Rós. This must have taken some time to build. Well done.


An in-browser, multiplayer game involving geometric shapes you shoot to destroy before other players do.

Could eat up your afternoon… 🙂

Bonus Link!

URDesign Mag: Energy Pavilion

URDesign Mag: Energy Pavilion

Created by London’s Five Line Projects, this installation was produced from a brief that wanted an architectural project based on the concept of “energy”.

It’s beautiful.

Also making the rounds this week, but definitely worth a look just for the sheer immense effort which went into making it: Neu Jorker, a “cover to cover parody of the New Yorker”.

I liked it, and it looks like millions of others have too.

And there we go!

Friday! Sorted!

Now get out there and enjoy your weekend.

Happy Friday.


June 10th, 2016

Your Friday has arrived…

Links time!


“A free, educational, customizable, scriptable model of the solar-system. Have fun! Learn Something!”

Extremely well developed. You could choose a specific date and see the plantary position on that date. Or you can “follow” a specific planet’s orbit. Nicely done.



Created by Kwinten Crauwels (and a large team) this interactive site lets you dive deep – and I do mean deep! – into your musical genre of choice. Those + and – buttons are a start.

This is a brilliantly-conceived site.

Thinking Machine 6

“What is happening? The artwork is an artificial intelligence program, ready to play chess with the viewer. If the viewer confronts the program, the computer’s thought process is sketched on screen as it plays.”

I suck at chess (and their design decisions make it confusing which piece is which) but this is fascinating. There is a lot of documentation behind this as well. Interesting…

Renabomb Vengeance

A sort of physics / puzzle platformer. Uuse bombs, gravity and cleverness to explode the “bad guys”.

A little bit addictive. Not the best looking graphics (and it’s noisy) but it’s a fun little game.

Bonus Link!

How To Make S’Mores 9 Ways

(Since it is basically Summer / campfire season.)

Also, those of you in Chicago looking for an interesting, nostalgic dining experience, there is a pop-up restaurant called Saved By The Max in Wicker Park, which recreates the diner from the 90s TV show Saved By The Bell. You’re welcome.

Additionally: This Sunday marks the 30th anniversary of Ferris Beuller’s Day Off, a film I love. Festivities also located in Chicago.

See you next week!


June 3rd, 2016

Hey it’s Friday!

And it’s Juuuune!

And time for some links. Here goes!


Make a motion or gesture with your mouse / finger, and this website creates loops of tones. You can choose the waveform. A fun little music tool.


KineMan is the ultimate web application for learning and demonstrating human joint behavior, and for creating complex human poses.”

I love that a little later on it says that it can “Simulate action poses not possible by human models”.


Sadly: no saved poses. I can only imagine what crazy positions people have put this thing in.

To Live And Dine In L.A.

Great pun, yes? (No?)

As you might expect, this is a compendium of memorabilia related to diners and restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area. There are some menus, as well as interesting historical anomalies. A neat little archive.


Like a slower, more varied version of flappy bird – only instead of a bird, you are a biplane. Addictive, for sure. Beautifully designed.

Bonus Link!

Standard Designs

Standard Designs

This is an etsy shop created by London-based artist Simon James, who creates clever book cover designs based on music artists and song titles instead of authors and novels. There is also a tumblr site which is somewhat more random.

These have been your Friday Links! Tune in next week for more Friday linkage fun!