June 3rd, 2016

Hey it’s Friday!

And it’s Juuuune!

And time for some links. Here goes!


Make a motion or gesture with your mouse / finger, and this website creates loops of tones. You can choose the waveform. A fun little music tool.


KineMan is the ultimate web application for learning and demonstrating human joint behavior, and for creating complex human poses.”

I love that a little later on it says that it can “Simulate action poses not possible by human models”.


Sadly: no saved poses. I can only imagine what crazy positions people have put this thing in.

To Live And Dine In L.A.

Great pun, yes? (No?)

As you might expect, this is a compendium of memorabilia related to diners and restaurants in the greater Los Angeles area. There are some menus, as well as interesting historical anomalies. A neat little archive.


Like a slower, more varied version of flappy bird – only instead of a bird, you are a biplane. Addictive, for sure. Beautifully designed.

Bonus Link!

Standard Designs

Standard Designs

This is an etsy shop created by London-based artist Simon James, who creates clever book cover designs based on music artists and song titles instead of authors and novels. There is also a tumblr site which is somewhat more random.

These have been your Friday Links! Tune in next week for more Friday linkage fun!