June 24th, 2016

If you can believe it: it’s already Friday again!

And the first one of Summer 2016! (in my hemisphere.)


And now: on to this week’s links…

Swiss Army Man

Created to help promote the A24-produced film “Swiss Army Man” (in theatres now), this little web… thing let’s you play with an inanimate person who responds to certain typed commands.

This ate up quite a bit of one of my days this week…

Edan Kwan: Particle Love

Edan Kwan: Particle Love

A great selection of particle physics all created and manipulated in the browser.

It definitely can eat up quite a bit of your computer’s processor to do it, but the results are pretty fantastic.

The Temple of No by Crows Crows Crows

A sort of “choose your own adventure” game all performed in browser.

Cleverly achieved. Sent in by Alyssa H.

Ragdoll Achievement

(Note: I would go see a band if their name was Ragdoll Achievement…)

The goal here is to cause damage to a crash test dummy (ragdoll.)

This is cartoon-y violence at its best. Also: similar and yet unrelated to the Swiss Army Man above!

Bonus Link!
»Malling-Hansen Writing Ball«, 1867

“The first typewriter in the world produced in series. Serial-No. 97. Pastor Rasmus Hans Johan Malling-Hansen – director of Denmark’s deaf-and-dumb institute in Copenhagen – invented this wonderful precision machine. Giant showpiece of any collection in fantastic original condition!

Estimate: US$ 65,000/104,000”

It isn’t obvious to me how this would actually be used, but apparently it was.

Beautiful looking machine though…

Finally: A great read I was sent by many subscribers this week analyzes the typography found in the movie Blade Runner. It’s making the rounds, it’s exhaustive, and I love it.

And so there we go! Summer links number 1: sorted.

I will see you again next week.

Happy Friday!