July 15th, 2016

It is already mid-July! (And of course: Friday!)

Where is the year going?

However: Links time!

Space Dashboard

Space Dashboard

[100% self-explanatory]

Now you can feel like you work for NASA mission control (for the ISS.)

Well executed. Simple!


“Dig deeper into music by discovering direct connections among over 393,000 songs and 135,000 artists”

Ever wondered what that killer sample was on your favorite new or old-school hip-hop track? This site very likely has the answer.

My favorite section of this site though is their Six Degrees page. It scans the database for connections between pretty disparate artists. e.g.: Nine Inch Nails and Paul McCartney = only 2 degrees of separation.

Tate Time Machine

A really beautifully executed archive of the history of art which has graced the hallowed walls of London’s Tate Gallery of Modern Art between 1970 and today.

Created to celebrate the grand re-opening. Amazing.

Frantic 3

Frantic is indeed the word. Just your standard arcade shooter, but holy cow do you ever need to be fast (and caffeinated.)

Good fun but a little stressful.

Bonus Link!


After the past few weeks, we’re all feeling quite a bit down and out. So maybe you could use an instant photo of a puppy, texted to you automatically via this service.

Once a day. Easy to unsubscribe. You can request more than one. Now you know.

A medium-sized read I recommend is 61 Glimpses of the Future by Jan Chipchase. I shared this with several people this week and decided hey what the hell, I’ll share it here too. This one piece makes me want to travel, and travel, and travel…

Also there is now a company that will sell you a baseball cap with an emoji on it. Yes they sure will.

Happy Friday everybody! See you in seven days.