August 26th, 2016

Hello Friday people in the hooouuuuuse!!1!

Links time…

NYTimes: Decisive Moments at the Rio Olympics, Frame By Frame

NYTimes: Decisive Moments at the Rio Olympics, Frame By Frame

A great, great photo essay of the beauty of motion this past Olympics.

Nebula Bliss

A great little viewer of nebulae in our universe. Really beautifully realized.

Lister Gallery

Adam Lister creates portraits of hip-hop artists using what appears to be tetris-style geometry. It’s captivating.


A simple little platformer which is somewhat annoyingly challenging.

Sent in by Alison C.

Bonus Link!

Annie Vought: Paper Cuts

Some really intricately-cut paper art.

Seriously this must have taken weeks to complete… phew!

Have a happy Friday everybody!


August 19th, 2016

Friday has arrived. And with it, the dawn of a new era…

…Or… maybe just a few cool sites to share with you. Either / or!

Let’s go!

Jeff Buckley Collection

Jeff Buckley Collection

First off: R.I.P. Jeff Buckley. It’s been 19 years since he left us. He is still missed.

But this is a celebration of his record collection. The interface is maybe not the best, but it’s a great way to rifle through his influences. A great little tribute (and, I guess, marketing strategy.)

Extremely Good Sh*t With Seinfeld 2000

This is an odd little simulation of the Mac computer that was in Seinfeld for nearly all of its run on TV.

Weird, but entertaining.

Every Country’s Fastest Man In One Race

Presented by the Hindustan Times. This is a great interactive infographic of just how fast Usain Bolt really is. 🙂

2D World

A very challenging 2d physics game. Their literacy is questionable (I played the “Standart” set of levels) but the game is definitely well put-together.

Bonus Link!

Desktop Ensemble

A simple music generation tool using a variety of boxes you place and stretch.

I find it soothing.

Sent in by Traci T.

Enjoy your Friday everybody!

See you next week.


August 12th, 2016

Hooray for Friiiiiday!

Let’s get to it!

Sergio Odeith: Anamorphic Art

Sergio Odeith: Anamorphic Art

These look amazing! I would love to see them in person.


A free online “art” tool where you can create designs which can then be rated, archived and downloaded on the site.

There are some really beautiful designs already. Love it.

Sent in by Taylor M.

FQWImages: Time In Motion

Qi Wei Fong is a fine arts photographer based in Singapore. He makes some really beautiful animated gifs of time-based processes like sunsets.

It’s difficult to describe. They look amazing. There are other works on his site.

Space Plan

Sort of a sci-fi game, sort of an interactive “thing”. You create a bunch of tools using a sort of spacecraft themed interface. It’s also funny!

Bonus Link!

Variance Explained: Text analysis of Trump’s Tweets

Analysis of Donald Trump’s tweets using a customized Twitter feed analyzer, with explanations and code. Some pretty interesting analysis.

This has been making the rounds. I’m a nerd, so I find it fascinating.

Happy Friday everybody!


August 5th, 2016

It is Friday, and the Olympics start today. This should be interesting…

And now: some links!


A website that lets you take (almost) any MP3 file and add either a light, medium or hard swing (or shuffle, if that’s the term you prefer.)

I linked to a research version of this back in 2008 which no longer exists so it makes me smile that someone else has made one of these.

Note: The site gets hit pretty hard, so it may take some time. Enjoy!

The Rick Astley Remixer

Rick Astley Remixer

Also making the rounds. Also pretty great.

Choose the style of every element of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up”, meaning the drums, the vocals, etc. One of your choices is black metal, which just on its own is worth the price of admission.

Algorithmia: Colorize Photos

Take a black and white photo and upload it to this service, and a neural network will cleverly make decisions about how to colorize it for you.

Some of the demo results are pretty spectactular.

Sent in by Jennifer R.

Brand New Subway

You get to play subway-God and redesign the New York subway system any way you like, and see the effect it has on numerous elements of daily life.

This is making the rounds. I found it very addictive, but maybe that’s also because I live where subway upgrades take eons to achieve.

Bonus Link!

Light Paintings

American artist Stephen Knapp creates these remarkable works “using a special glass treated with layers of metallic coatings that act as a selective prism to separate focused light into different wavelengths of the spectrum”.

The images only hint at the scale of these artworks. They loom quite large on gallery walls. Must be very impressive in person. Nicely done.

And that’s what I have for you this week.

Happy Olympic August Friday!

See you right here in seven days.