September 30th, 2016

And so, we bid farewell to September 2017… (snif)

Happy Friday everybody!

Let’s begin…



A real-time, 3D model of planet earth and its weather systems.

This is pretty incredible. It does forecasts. I like it.

Tony Wu: Humpback Whales Underwater

Just one of numerous galleries from this awesome photographer. He lives in Tonga, so he has regular access to some stunning underwater fauna. Some great, great photos here.

Every Car from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

“With quotes from Jerry Seinfeld.”

[self explanatory] Some real gems here.

“You start as a small ship and kill computer players, and later other players in order to upgrade your ship to the max.”

Addictive. Vengeful!

Sent along by Kim N. (Yarrrrr!)

Bonus Link!

Smart Phones Replaced With Butter

[self explanatory]

I like it! (But why butter? Hm…)

Also there’s whatever this thing is. I find it therapeutic. Mmmm ripples…

Have a lovely weekend everybody. Enjoy your pumpkin spice whatever-it-is you consume this time of year.

See you in a week.


September 23rd, 2016

Happy Autumn everybody!

And Happy Friday!

It is links time…


A bit complicated but pretty beautifully executed.

Load the website on your desktop to view all the paper planes being deployed.

Load the website on your phone to launch your own (location must be turned on.)

Fold and “throw” the paper plane using your phone, and you’ll see it launch on your desktop / laptop browser.


Young-Deok Seo: Belt Chain

Young-Deok Seo: Belt Chain

Young-Deok Seo is a Seoul-based very accomplished fine artist.

In this gallery he molds chains into stunning sculptures.

Beautiful, beautiful work here.


“I made a troll honeypot on Twitter. It posts opinions on a couple dozen topics, then, when people respond to it, responds at random from a list of 18 possible replies. Assholes like to mansplain at it, and I like to laugh at them.”

In 2016 this is pretty ingenious. 🙂

Sent along by Kate S.

The Gods Are Hungry

“As leader of a prehistoric tribe, it’s your job to keep your people fed, housed and safe.”

A complicated little game that I find addictive. The UI is not obvious but stick with it. It’s interesting.

Bonus Link!

McSweeney’s: It’s Decorative Gourd Season, Motherf*ckers

“When my guests come over it’s gonna be like, BLAMMO! Check out my shellacked decorative vegetables, assholes.”

Written by the inimitable Colin Nissan, who has tread similar territory before.

And there we go! Links! Sorted!

Have a lovely Autumn Friday and weekend.

See you next week.


September 16th, 2016

This is the last Friday of Summer 2016 (in the Northern Hemisphere.) :'( Wah!

But don’t fret old chum: here are some links! 🙂 (“Chum”?!)


Current Condition

This makes me feel old, and slightly nostalgic. In the late 70s and 80s, there was always a channel on your TV set that would show weather and the current time. This is a replication of that system (using html5) which instead just randomly selects music to play, and shows a variety of odd, humorous messages.

I like it!

Living Portraits: Carl Van Vechten’s Color Photographs of African Americans, 1939-1964

Living Portraits: Carl Van Vechten's Color Photographs of African Americans, 1939-1964

[self explanatory] Gallery link is here.

Dizzy Gillespie! Ella Fitzgerald! Eartha Kitt!

There are some pretty fantastic shots in this gallery.

A 3D graphical interface to explore Wikipedia.

I am not a fan of the user interface but the idea is great.

Sent in by many subscribers.

Topple Trump

A game where you alter the success of the upcoming US election by exercising your knowledge of which words Donald Trump has used in speeches.

It’s tricky, and kind of fun.

Sent in by James H.

Bonus Link!


Reiner Riedler: The Unseen Seen

“The concept is to confront the viewer with the image of an object (filmrolls) and in doing so recall images from the spectator’s memory. By reading the movie title, I want to generate emotions and images from our memory.”

Film reels of classic cinema. Not images from the movies themselves, just the reels of celluloid used to present the movies.
I’m struck by how distinctly different each of these are. (The Godfather especially.)

And there we go! All linked up.

Happy Friday, friends. 🙂 And happy last weekend of Summer.


September 9th, 2016

Friday, everybody!

Friday!! Do you realize what this means?!?!

Well. Links, for one thing.

Here we go!

Adventure Machine Pro

Adventure Machine Pro

A great little exploratory music creation… thing. I’ve only limited my time on this to a scant few minutes but I could play with it for a while. It’s fun to explore.

The Ramsophone

Another great little interactive music… thing. The best/worst part of this is that it is random, so there’s no way to save what you make. But it’s still pretty awesome. Note: Stranger Things musical vibe is present.

TeleGeography: Submarine Cable Map

“The Submarine Cable Map is a free resource from TeleGeography. Data contained in this map is drawn from the Global Bandwidth Research Service and is updated on a regular basis.”

Now you know where your internet comes from (and goes.)

Sugar Sugar

Use your mouse to draw lines to direct falling sugar into mugs. It’s tricky.

This sort of reminds me of Line Rider from so many years ago.

Bonus Link!

Sub-Reddit Turns Photos Into Movie Posters

[self explanatory]

Some great ones here. The guy (girl?) has talent.

Happy Friday everybody!

See you in a week.


September 2nd, 2016

And just like that: it’s September.

And! It’s Friday. And where I live: a long weekend. (Hopefully for you as well.)

Links time!

Printed by Somerset

This is the corporate website of Somerset, a company based out of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada that does vintage style letterpress and other styles of printing.

The site was created using HTML5 and a lot of clever design choices. Really excellently done.


A web based synth, using geometric… things. You can compose songs with it. For example this… whatever it is. 🙂 (Song? Work? Opus?)

Making the rounds, and very interesting.


“An open-source JavaScript library for world-class 3D globes and maps”

Wow. If you play with this thing for a while you get a pretty good idea of the sheer volume of options that exist for any map implementation in the 21st century (so far, anyway.)

And it’s not just for “simple” Google-earth-style views of our planet. Check this out to see what I mean.

Pretty great.

Gun Blood

A pretty challenging old-west gun-duel game.

It takes a bit of getting used to but it’s certainly addictive.

Bonus Link!

Jennifer McCurdy: Wheel Thrown Ceramic

Jennifer McCurdy: Wheel Thrown Porcelain

Ms. McCurdy creates what appear to be semi-organic shapes using ceramics, a process that can’t be easy at all. To whit:

“Each piece is thrown by hand on the potter’s wheel, then altered, carved and incised, one at a time, then fired to cone 10 (2350 degrees), so there are welcome variations in size and shape.”

They’re beautiful!

There you have it. Happy Friday everybody!