September 9th, 2016

Friday, everybody!

Friday!! Do you realize what this means?!?!

Well. Links, for one thing.

Here we go!

Adventure Machine Pro

Adventure Machine Pro

A great little exploratory music creation… thing. I’ve only limited my time on this to a scant few minutes but I could play with it for a while. It’s fun to explore.

The Ramsophone

Another great little interactive music… thing. The best/worst part of this is that it is random, so there’s no way to save what you make. But it’s still pretty awesome. Note: Stranger Things musical vibe is present.

TeleGeography: Submarine Cable Map

“The Submarine Cable Map is a free resource from TeleGeography. Data contained in this map is drawn from the Global Bandwidth Research Service and is updated on a regular basis.”

Now you know where your internet comes from (and goes.)

Sugar Sugar

Use your mouse to draw lines to direct falling sugar into mugs. It’s tricky.

This sort of reminds me of Line Rider from so many years ago.

Bonus Link!

Sub-Reddit Turns Photos Into Movie Posters

[self explanatory]

Some great ones here. The guy (girl?) has talent.

Happy Friday everybody!

See you in a week.