September 30th, 2016

And so, we bid farewell to September 2017… (snif)

Happy Friday everybody!

Let’s begin…



A real-time, 3D model of planet earth and its weather systems.

This is pretty incredible. It does forecasts. I like it.

Tony Wu: Humpback Whales Underwater

Just one of numerous galleries from this awesome photographer. He lives in Tonga, so he has regular access to some stunning underwater fauna. Some great, great photos here.

Every Car from Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

“With quotes from Jerry Seinfeld.”

[self explanatory] Some real gems here.

“You start as a small ship and kill computer players, and later other players in order to upgrade your ship to the max.”

Addictive. Vengeful!

Sent along by Kim N. (Yarrrrr!)

Bonus Link!

Smart Phones Replaced With Butter

[self explanatory]

I like it! (But why butter? Hm…)

Also there’s whatever this thing is. I find it therapeutic. Mmmm ripples…

Have a lovely weekend everybody. Enjoy your pumpkin spice whatever-it-is you consume this time of year.

See you in a week.