November 25th, 2016

Welcome! It is Friday!

And apparently it’s Black Friday. Use caution, everybody (in the US.)

Let’s begin…

Eric Standley

Eric Standley

Eric is a particularly gifted paper artist.

Discovered via the website Strictly Paper. You guys know me. You know I have a thing for intricate paper art. This is one of the most astonishing things I have ever seen. Some of these constructions involve 184 layers of laser-cut paper. Intricate, complex and just lovely.

I’ve featured Mr. Standley here a few years ago, but that link is dead now, and this has much more detail.


Choose a location. Color / design it however you like. Order a large-size print of it. Hang it on your wall.

This is a great idea!

You Are Listening To Los Angeles

Police scanner + ambient music = induced drama…

(Note: not solely Los Angeles. You can choose from a variety of [American] cities.)


An interesting and eye-opening little site that shows you the things your web browser can “know” about your browsing activities.

It’s also funny. (The sound is worth it.)

Making the rounds, for good reason.

Bonus Link!


Click to stretch your galloping giraffe’s neck to plant kisses on approaching giraffes of varying heights.

Just like it sounds! 😉

There we go. You’re all linked up!

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend to my American friends. I hope your family dinners were delicious and stress-free.

See you next week.


P.S. Exactly one month until Xmas. So fast!