December 9th, 2016

Welcome to your Friday Links!

And where I live, it is a cold one.

I was going to compile my own Xmas gift guide this year but I got too busy. So instead I’ll direct you to a few that I think are awesome. has a great breakdown which includes a few I was going to mention (notably The Kid Should See This and The Wirecutter.)

Also recommended: The Verge‘s xmas gift guide.

Several readers recommended Elle’s tech gift guide, so I will too. 🙂

Okay. Links time!

Solar System Exploration

Brought to you by NASA. It’s about a lot more than just the planets (although if all you look at is the planets, that’s also pretty cool on its own.)

Some great, in-depth information about anything you could possibly want to know about our solar system.

Game of Phones

Game Of Phones

Part board game, part card game, part bragging rights.

This looks hilarious and fun. Also: inexpensive! You’re welcome.

10 x 16

“10x is a yearly tradition started by Richard Perez and Eric R. Mortensen. Every December, a group of designers, illustrators, and artists countdown their top ten favorite albums of the year through reimagined cover art, all working within a fixed color system.”

They’re beautiful!

Aztec Stones

Click connected series of same-coloured stones to clear them. Repeat. Forever.

There goes your weekend. 🙂

Bonus Link!

How Much Will It Snow?

[self explanatory]

Especially useful this week. Yikes…

And there we go. All Friday’d up!

Have a lovely weekend and stay warm. (Seriously. Polar Vortex is a thing again.)

See you next week!