December 16th, 2016

It’s Friday! It’s mid-December! We did it you guys!!

And it’s also time for some web links. So… here goes!


A really neat interface that “scans” the globe for radio stations. As you move over certain regions in this display, radio stations tune in. You can select individual stations of course, but I like the random nature of scrolling around.

Sent in by Maria S.

Barry Martin’s Hopalong Orbits Visualizer

Barry Martin's Hopalong Orbits Visualizer

“These orbits are generated iterating this simple algorithm:

(x, y) -> (y – sign(x)*sqrt(abs(b*x – c)), a -x )

where a, b, c are random parameters. This is known as the ‘Hopalong Attractor’.”

(See? Simple!)

Beautifully rendered. I like.

Note: This may cause your computer’s cpu to work a little extra. (Fan!)


“Asterank is a scientific and economic database of over 600,000 asteroids.”

Holy crap!

Since we’re on the verge of extraterrestrial mining operations getting funded, this is now a thing. Interesting! A huge amount of data here.

It’s also beautifully rendered.

We Become What We Behold

Take little snapshots of the different people that populate the screen. Watch what happens when that snapshot identifies something unique.

Kind of a fascinating… game? (Not sure if it’s a game.)

Bonus Link!

Your Name In Gum

[self explanatory]


And I have a couple of long-ish reads that spoke to me this week:

99 Reasons Why 2016 Was A Good Year. Worth a read. Then maybe a re-read. Because we probably all need to know at least some of them.

Inside Jobs – Hear what American workers have to say about their jobs

You can randomly browse, or you can filter down to the demographic you want to know more about.

You could spend considerable time here. I like this.

So there we go. Linked!!

Happy Holidays everybody!

See you next week.