February 3rd, 2017

It’s Friday!

It’s February!

It’s links time!

Impact Earth

Choose a projectile type, and size, and composition, give it an angle and velocity, and send it hurtling towards earth. Check out the impact analysis. Repeat.

Adam Makarenko: Photography

Adam Makarenko: Photography

Toronto Based Makarenko specializes in miniature photography. Some of these are breathtaking.

Mr. Bingo: Valentine’s card (for single people)

Single people on Valentines day are a bit like homeless people on Christmas day, it’s a day to be reminded what you don’t have

This year I’m offering a service of Valentines cards specifically *for* single people.”

A clever, touching idea.

Sent in by Tara P.


A fairly harsh version of “Would you rather” paired with a hint of “Cards against humanity”.

Fun! Slightly nsfw.

Bonus Link!

Rescued Film: 1,200 Rolls, 1 Photographer

This funded IndieGogo campaign will attempt to rescue the images from a huge amount of film preserved (but for some reason never developed) by one photographer during the 1950’s.

Shades of Vivian Maier

You are now officially “linked” for the week.

Have a lovely February weekend everybody.