May 26th, 2017

It is Friday once again!

And sadly: the last one in May. But that means nothing but (northern hemisphere) Summer now! Yay.

And! Links.

Here we go…

Sounds Of NYC

Sounds Of NYC

“Sounds of New York is our tribute to a city we love. We spent months capturing the buzz and energy of New York City’s neighborhoods and present it to you as ambient noise to help you focus while you work”

I like it! I wonder if there should be more of these for different cities.

‘Star Wars’ Flashback: When No Theater Wanted to Show the Movie in 1977

'Star Wars' Flashback: When No Theater Wanted to Show the Movie in 1977

Yes, believe it or not, Star Wars was not perceived as a guaranteed hit the week it opened. “…After opening on 42 screens, the film expanded to 1,750 and stayed in theaters for over a year.”

This is a great read. Also: happy 40th anniversary, Star Wars.

Architecture in Miniature: 13 Modern Dollhouse & Other Tiny Buildings

Architecture in Miniature: 13 Modern Dollhouse & Other Tiny Buildings

Created by Miniio, “a company specializing in stylish modern dollhouses made of wood.”

Cold War

Cold War

A really well made semi-simulation of what nuclear war would sort of look like.

Read the about page (the question mark in the top right corner.) It’s worth it.

Created by Simon Swain. Well done.

And in case you missed it, you can buy Elvis Presley’s last known private jet at an auction:

Elvis Presley's Lockheed Jet for Sale

It’s been sitting on the same Roswell, TX runway for the past 30 years, where it has been a minor tourist attraction.

Opening bid is only $10,000.

More info – and great interior shots – at The Observer.

And that’s what I’ve got!

Have a great weekend everybody. See you next week.


May 19th, 2017

Welcome, Friday people.

Come, look at these links…

Giant Lion Sculpture Carved from Single Tree Trunk Took 20 People and 3 Years to Complete

Giant Lion Sculpture Carved from Single Tree Trunk Took 20 People and 3 Years to Complete

Easily the best headline I read this week. 🙂

Currently on display at the Fortune Plaza Times Square in Wuhan, China.

Down and Out in Los Santos

Down and Out in Los Santos

“Documenting homelessness and poverty in the city of Los Santos and Blaine County.”

For those unaware, “Los Santos” is the fictional California city which is the setting for Grand Theft Auto V.

Hard to believes some of this imagery is from a videogame.

Dirty Lola Antique Altered Plates

Dirty Lola Antique Altered Plates

“Miss Scarlett is a full-time professional illustrator, who specialized in watercolor and gouache painting.”

So imagine antique China plates upon which your favorite 80’s artists have been lovingly depicted.

I love these.

Brick Block

A fun little digital apartment building which you can add to or destroy parts of until it looks just right.

Created by Oskar Stålberg. Pretty cool.

And there we go! Links! On a Friday!

…Friday Links! (right?)

Have a lovely (long?) weekend.


May 12th, 2017

Friday has arrived everybody…

Let’s hit the beach!!

But before we do that, here are some links!

Science Fiction Interfaces

Science Fiction Interfaces

[self explanatory]

From a variety of sources, with no commentary. Let us now praise hard-working production designers working in film.


“Understand your body, simplify your workout.”

A great website which identifies each of the muscles in the body, and links to specific exercises to improve them.

Really well done.

Fabian Oefner: Disintegrating – Part II

Fabian Oefner: Disintegrating - Part II

Really intricately-shot exploding views of some very, very expensive automobiles. Wow. Beautifully rendered!

Map Zoom Quiz

“Each quiz starts by taking you to a pin on a fully zoomed-in map. You just need to guess where the pin is!”

Or you can zoom out until you recognize it, but the points you would earn go down.

Also: No street names are visible. 🙂 Very challenging.

Bonus Link!

Banana Phone

Technically: a banana “bluetooth handset device”.

But still!!

[obligatory: ringringringringringringring…]

Sent in by Jennifer R. (who wants one!)

And there you go. Friday: Linked!

I hope your weekend is warm and wonderful.

Happy Friday!


May 5th, 2017

Happy Cinqo De Mayo!

And of course: Happy Friday!

Let’s look at some links, shall we?

ViewMaster World

ViewMaster World

An exhaustive compendium of many, many ViewMaster reel sets. Not the best design I’ve ever seen but as far as content goes: knock yourself out.

Marketplace: Robot-Proof Jobs

Part article, part report, part quiz. Very interesting.

This day is coming, so it’s best to be aware in advance. 🙂

Motion Exposure

Motion Exposure

Stephen Orlando from Waterloo, Ontario creates these stunning motion-art photographs. There is some great, great work here. Very creative.


1: Pick up paper airplane.
2: Throw paper airplane.
3: Earn points based on bonuses and distance.

Addictive. Cute.

Bonus Link!

Trump’s Ties

Trump's Ties

A whimsical single-use Twitter feed. Some great satirical imagery here.

Also: If you haven’t checked out The Oatmeal lately, I recommend that you should. He’s just great.

And there we go! Allllll linked up for your Friday.

See you next week, Friday people!