June 16th, 2017

It is now mid-June.

But: on a FRIDAY!

Links time!



This is not merely a little browser toy but it’s also a git repo, so you can actually download and modify this code. But as-is, you can create mechanically reproduced artwork in your browser, and print it, etc.

Beautifully realized. I love it.

Cayce Zavaglia: Embroideries

Cayce Zavaglia: Embroideries

Yes. Embroideries. These look like detailed photographs.

Just… how? Amazing!

NASA: “Shadow of the Eclipse”

NASA: "Shadow of the Eclipse"

“On August 21, 2017, the moon will pass between Earth and the sun in a total solar eclipse that will be visible on a path from Oregon to South Carolina across the continental United States. This path of totality will occur in a little over 90 minutes, while observers on the ground will see the eclipse for about two and a half minutes.”

Using extremely accurate and detailed satellite data this page will show you precisely where the eclipse will be visible.



“s0urce.io is a free to play hacking io game. Login and code to hack other users but be cautious and protect yourself by upgrading your firewall.”

It’s kind of like a nerdier “desktop defense” game only it’s all about you hacking other computers to earn money (bitcoins,) while also trying NOT to get hacked.

I like it. It’s really simple but over time you build up quite a complicated setup.

Bonus Link!

Trump’s Russian Ties

Trump's Russian Ties

Get it? Ties? Russian “Ties”?

He’d better hope there are no “ties” in Russia! G’hahaaaaa!

You can buy each of them for only $40 apiece except for “The Kushner” which is $3,321. You can also customize them!

This is a zazzle site. It is not at all clear what the profits are going into. So… there’s that.

Happy Friday everybody. 🙂