August 25th, 2017

If you can believe it: it’s Friday!

No joke. It really is. We did it guys!!!

So. Links!

Accidental Wes Anderson Sets in Real Life

Accidental Wes Anderson Sets in Real Life

[self explanatory!]


Dani Ives | Fiber Artist

Dani Ives | Fiber Artist

Dani’s medium is felt and wool via needlepoint.

Her work is extremely lifelike! So good.

You can, of course, buy some. Her Instagram is also recommended.

Mr. Pip’s Double Cross

Mr. Pip's Double Cross

“The most beautiful dice game in the world.”

Sort of a bid-placing / odds-increasing dice game.

Created by Pip Tompkin Studio (check out their work.)

A great looking package. $34 for the game. Looks fun! (But also like it could be argument city, but still fun.)

Amateur Surgeon

Amateur Surgeon

Oddly enough, a puzzle game. ๐Ÿ™‚

Not for the easily squeamish, but well made.

Bonus Link!

Bibo Bi-Hotell

Bibo Bi-Hotell

“BiBo is a Bi hotel for solitary biis. Today, solitary veins are difficult to find a natural place to winter and threaten to eradicate several species of bees. By hanging this product on the balcony or in the garden, several bees will find a sleeping place. Solitary bark is harmless to us humans because their bones are too weak to penetrate our skin. BiBo is made entirely of natural materials. The outside of the body is painted to protect the bones from getting wet. The front of the body is untreated and will over the years have a beautiful silver gray patina.”

Beautiful. Helpful. Save the beeeees! (“Biiiiiis!” ?)

Thanks for playing along at the Friday Links!

See you all again next week.