December 1st, 2017 – Xmas Gift Guide Edition 🎁

Hello Friday Friends

Before I begin, yes there are the normal links in this email. But since it’s officially December (I can’t believe it’s December!), and in the US you’re finally past Black Friday / Cyber Monday craziness, we can share international Xmas gift guides.

Most media outlets have one:

In a different vein, I decided a few years ago I was going less gift-giving and more just-plain-old-giving. I urge you to research charities and services in your community who need monetary or personnel assistance, but not just during Xmas. Specifically through January, February and March when the weather is grosser and most people have already forgotten the cheery haze of the Xmas season.

And here are some online suggestions too:

For the UK:

And for my own city:

For whatever specific group of needy people or pets you wish to donate to, Charity Navigator is a helpful resource.

Finally, Syrian refugees most definitely still need assistance, so do the people of Puerto Rico. This has been a hell of a year, but we can also make a hell of a difference.

And now! To the links!

Michael Zavros: Paintings

Michael Zavros: Paintings

Let me say that again: “paintings”.

Meticulously hand-painted photo-realistic images. These are amazing.

Earther: Beneath Antarctica’s Sea Ice, Scientists Discover a Rapidly Changing World

Earther: Beneath Antarctica's Sea Ice, Scientists Discover a Rapidly Changing World

[self explanatory]

Beautiful. Fascinating.

Abby Sy

Abby Sy

“Passionate about both art and travel, Abbey is best known for her hand-lettering work and travel illustrations. She is also Founder and Creative Director of ABC Magazine, a magazine for artists, crafters, and makers.”

Her illustrations are lovely and inspired.

You can buy postcards of her work.

Christmas Furious

Christmas Furious

aka: Slow flappy bird with weird gravity.


Sent in by Mara L.

Bonus Link!

Leah Frances: American Squares

Leah Frances: American Squares

Ms. Frances is a photographer from Vancouver Island who seeks out images of remaining 1950s structures in America. It’s like an online time capsule. Definitely check out her Instagram and portfolio.

And there we go! Your December has officially begun.

Have a lovely Friday and an amazing weekend, everybody!