May 25th, 2018

If you can believe it, it’s already the last Friday in May 2018.

But that also means that June starts next week, which is awesome.

Welcome, to your Friday Links!

The Secret Annex of Anne Frank in 3D

The Secret Annex of Anne Frank in 3D

An online interactive experience where you can visit the Anne Frank house in some considerable detail.

Making the rounds, along with some interesting new discoveries in the original Frank diary.

Robbie Barrat: A.I. created paintings

Robbie Barrat: A.I. created paintings

“AI researcher Robbie Barrat decided to see what would happen when he fed a Generative Adversarial Network (GAN) thousands of nude portraits from a dataset and then trained it to create its own bizarre artworks.”

He features his art on (of all things) a github site.

To be clear: the nude portraits are “bizarre”, but still fascinating. The landscapes are quite lovely.

His twitter feed is also worth a look.



“Flopstarter is a real crowdfunding site.

“A platform for bad ideas.

“So far we have had hundreds of submissions to the site, all of them useless.”

Funny! And real(?!)

Sent in by Mandy C.

Mouse Dodger

Mouse Dodger

Simple: move the box (aka: your cursor) to avoid the larger obstacles.

It’s challenging. I’m a little addicted.

That’s all I got!

Now get out there and enjoy the last Friday in May!

Happy Friday.