June 15th, 2018

Welcome to the last Friday in Autumn, 2018.

We’re halfway through the year everybody!! We made it! U! S! A!

[adjusts tie]

And now, the links…

Ancient Earth

Ancient Earth

A 3D globe of planet earth with the ability to see what its oceans and land masses looked like long, long ago (like: hundreds of millions of years ago.)

Bonus: you can look up your own address and it will approximately place it wherever that was those millions of years ago.

Pretty cool!

The Kinetic Wood Sculptor

The Kinetic Wood Sculptor

“David Roy’s kinetic wood sculptures are a symphony of movement.”

These creations are quite stunning. I love it.

They’re also (expectedly) quite expensive. Online store available here.

Awkward Family Portraits of Yesteryear

Awkward Family Portraits of Yesteryear

[self explanatory]


Ricky BerPong

Ricky BerPong

“Game I made based on a video from Ricky Berwick. He’s going to put it up on his new website soon.

“Pretty buggy cause I made it pretty quick.”

I’m pretty sure he means this video.

This game takes a lot of your CPU but it’s a fun / weird port of the original Pong game.

And that’s that. Friday Links! Wrapped for Autumn.

See you next Friday.